Eggs -- Good or bad for you?

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I currently have adapted my diet to eat more eggs, as I have heard from numerous sources that they are beneficial to one's muscle & health.

I'd like to know the ups and downs of them.


20 Oct 2009 09:11
eggs have the best bioavailability of any food protein source - meaning they have they higest amount of bcaas and amino acids for building muscle - so all in all eat as many as you can!

the egg whites contain the protein - some people say to steer clear of egg yolks becuase they contain a higer level of fat - but to be honest i dont think it'll hurt you!  

20 Oct 2009 22:03
In addition to being healthy, eggs contribute some beauty basics your body needs, like helping your hair and nails by providing sulfur, vitamins, and minerals.  

10 Nov 2009 18:52
i eat 4 to 6 raw eggs aday and have been doing so for years. never throw away the yolk though it has great nutrients  

14 Apr 2010 02:37
Eggs are considered 'compete proteins'. They have a high BV, the downfall is the 6 grms of fat per egg. Many jsut eat the whites but the protein is incomplete without the yolk.  

18 Apr 2010 03:19
hey buddy if you keen on gaining wait,mass then it can be done better by eating egg white only as it contains lot of protein and fat on the other hand the yolk part of egg also being healthy is hot so my suggestion to you is to eat eggs without yellow portion  

18 Aug 2010 18:16
Eggs are the best protien you can eat....sooo keep eating them! Whole eggs not just egg whites, the yolk makes the protien complete and is the most nutritious part of the egg itself. For overall body composition, a high fat breakfast has been shown to make the body more efficient at breaking down and using fats later in the day. Ive been following this for about a month and have been losing fat and slowly increasing strength.  

19 Aug 2010 21:49

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