Does anyone have an answer for this?

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protein = muscle growth

i don't see where extra calories go about in that simple equation..

Amino acids are the building blocks of protein and protein is the building block of muscle. That's what makes it... so important for growth... where the **** does calorie come into this ? how does EXTRA or regular calories support scientifically speaking with muscle growth and protein...

so why is there a need for bulking?  

20 Oct 2009 06:38
Not very scientific, but simply your body needs something to build muscle from. It's very complex you should try googling it. I just did to see exactly "how the body uses calories to build muscle" Anyway not really sure if you wanted a really in depth answer, but the simple is your body needs energy. You burn calories doing anything even sleeping if you are taking in less then you burn you will lose weight, if you take in more then you burn you will gain it's that simple really. Now as far as what the weight (fat or muscle) you are gaining or losing is that all depends on what you eat and what you are doing.  

20 Oct 2009 08:21
using protein for muscle growth is only part of the equation. If you dont eat enought total calories from any source (protein, carbs or fat) then your body will use those as energy to live and not to build extra muscle. if you eat only protein in a day, say 2000kcal - and you burn 2000kcal just being alive you body will use all the calories in that protein to keep you alive, and wont build any muscle...  

20 Oct 2009 22:12

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