anyone ever have HYPERTHYROIDISM before?

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Over the summer I was having some symptoms so I went to my doctor (keep in mind this was in the late afternoon) and got a blood test done and it came back with total test. levels at 249, got a 2nd test done 1 hr after waking up in the AM and TT came back normal at 349, then another late after noon TT came back 211 so my doc. put me on androgel, then I switched to injections, and neither helped my symptoms.

The main symptoms I was concerned about were decreases in strength/muscle, no sex drive/erectile dysfunction, and depressed mood/poor sense of well being. TRT helped none of these, and maybe made them worse actually.

so i went to an endochrinologist and he did some tests (physical and blood) and he said I have an overactive thyroid (hyperthyroidism). He told me the symptoms and I had ALL OF THEM. My TSH levels were at 4.1 when normal levels are 0.8-1.5 I believe.

Anyways, I have noticed significant decreases in strength all over my body (bench went from 225 lbs @ 13 reps TO 225 lbs @ 5-6 reps), and my sex drive is still nonexistent. I havent begun the treatment yet, but my question is HAS ANYONE EVER HAD/HAVE HYPERTHYROIDISM BEFORE? And when you started treatment, what changes did you notice.  

18 Oct 2009 22:22
I also have a thyroid problem, I believe my TSH levels were around a 4 like yours but I have since been on medication and now my TSH levels are around 2.0 (which I do believe that is the high end of normal range). Also, like you, I have low testosterone levels, I have been tested like 4 times don't know the exact numbers of each off the top of my head but they were all around 250 and one test was actually around 170. I also have some depression, mood swings, and I definitely have noticed decrease strength/muscle. Also one of my main problems right now is fatigue and tiredness, I am always tired and it's really really hard to get through a work out right now even with me taking a pre work out mix (Am taking Jack3d right now). Like you, I am also going to the endocrinologist and just last week I went in to do this 2 hour blood test to test for more things that may be wrong with me, but next Tuesday I will be going back to the endocrinologist to go over blood work and medications I will need to fix my problems, but I will be sure to post back what testosterone booster I will be taking and my progress results following that.  

27 Oct 2009 19:25

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