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First off, I went back to N.O. Xplode and now I'm tired of it again. I think BSN focuses more on their advertising than they do on their product. In fact, they are going a little too far with their advertising. Just look at this ad I found while flipping thru the pages of "FLEX" magazine....


Just kidding, Xplode is pretty strong, but I've heard that "Dark Rage" is supposed to be one of the strongest pre workout supps on the market, to the point where some people question the legality of it. Anyone tried it? I was thinking of either buying a tub of Rage or maybe Jack3d.  

02 Oct 2009 07:56
i have tried both, i preffer dark rage, but the ingredients are different for example dark rage has 30g carbohydrates, xplode has 7g so you will get better energy and pump, plus rage has beta-alanine and xplode doesnt, apart from that they are similar - dnt take any more tho cos the caffeine doesnt agree with me!  

10 Dec 2009 20:21
Okay first I wasnt saying I had a logo so that makes a game studio. I meant someone who could teach me and help me in making the ground for what could be a cool game studio. Second I didnt ask for your opinion on my username. I do have an idea of how many people like me are out there. What I was simply asking for is a mentor type thing.

P.S. Try not to go off the subject with my username. That is very unprofessional.  

06 Jan 2010 06:42

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