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I just bought 3Lbs of Amplified whey protein from pro performance (GNC) i want to hear some reviews before open it. I used to take 100% whey protein also from pro performance. i took 1 serving first thing in the morning, another 1 preworkout and 2 scopes post workout.
Should I just take the pre and post workout?? or as my first meal in the morning and post workout?or stay with 3 per day?
NOTE: Working in packing some mass. Im 17 years old
Thanks in advance.

27 Sep 2009 06:56
protein is protein in any form they come brother... isolate is known to be a little bit easier on the stomach. 3 shakes per day is fine. just make sure your not subsititung shakes for food!  

27 Sep 2009 20:09

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