Need advice for first cycle.

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I am 22 years old and am about 80% sure I am going to do my first cycle. I was diagnosed with low testosterone a few months ago and currently have a prescription for 200mg Test Cypionate every 2 weeks, and I take it to a free health clinic on campus to have them inject me, so I have the Test Cypionate in my posession. I have become very frustrated with my gains over the past year or so, and once I was prescribed Test Cyp I started looking into steroid cycles and became very intrigued, and what I've noticed is that as long as you aren't an idiot and you do your research and use the proper amounts of the proper drugs, steroids are safe.

I've been really down about my lack of gains, I've spent hours upon hours researching proper diets, training, etc.. tried several different approaches but my gains are just coming too slowly, and I am starting to lose motivation to lift, although I love working out. I'm actually becoming depressed about my lack of progress, spending so much time lifting, eating, resting, avoiding going out and partying/drinking with my friends. So I kinda need this to give me a boost and get me back on track. I really think if I can just get some nice gains from 1 cycle that I will only do 1 cycle, maybe 2.

OBVIOUSLY I'm going to need more than 200 mg every 2 weeks. But how does this look for a first cycle? ...

Weeks 1-10: 200mg Test Cyp Mon & Fri
Weeks 1-10: 500iu HCG Monday and Friday
Weeks 1-12.5: 10mg ED or 20mg EOD Nolvadex
Clomid PCT: Week 12.5(10 days after last shot of testosterone) day 1: 300mg, 50mg ED thereafter for 6 weeks

or if someone could give me an example of a more simple cycle, like a test only cycle. I'm not a competing bodybuilder or anything, I just enjoy looking big and muscular (not freaky muscular tho). Or if there is a cycle that would definitely make me bigger (assuming diet, training, & rest are all in check) but wouldnt be as effective as some other cycles, but would definitely be safer I'd be interested in that as well.  

08 Sep 2009 09:44
take that test out to 12-15 weeks.  

08 Sep 2009 18:38
Low test levels suck! I run my clomid for 4 weeks. Take test to 500mg a week.  

08 Sep 2009 22:48
Yes low test levels suck, I never want to have sex anymore. I'm seeing an endochronologist on the 25th of September cuz my primary doc doesnt know what hes doing when it comes to this.

and what do you mean take test out to 12-15 weeks? just the test? or add an extra 2-5 weeks onto everything else as well?

My main concern, besides dying, is the loss of hair. Do you think I will lose hair on this cycle?  

09 Sep 2009 01:41
dying?? your hair depends on your genetics.are you losing hair now? it only speeds it up  

10 Sep 2009 22:34
ha yea i said dying as kind of a joke .. but as far as the hair situation goes, i know its normal to lose x number of hairs per day, ever since i started my TRT I've been trying to keep tabs on my hair, i noticed a few hairs falling out, but I dont know if thats just the normal hairs falling out or what. But right now I mean I have a full head of hair, no bald/thin spots. They say your hair pattern follows your moms dad, and he is completely bald pretty much so eventually i will prob. go bald.

theoretical question here. If I do a cycle and my hair starts falling out more rapidly, will the increased hair loss rate stop once my cycle stops? and will the hair i lost strictly due to the cycle grow back? Oh, and also I've read about doing short 6 week cycles which can help prevent hair loss. Obviously this would limit my gains, but again, I'm just a recreational lifter, not competing in anything, just like to look good.  

11 Sep 2009 21:00

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