can i be allergic to protein itself?

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Hi,hope evryone is keeping well.
This probs the last time im gonna seek any help as i just mentally and physicaly cant take anymore.Although i do appreciate very much the time spent by other people giving advice.
This very long and boring. I get very very severe wind,runs etc from protein powders.This happening for years. I have tried,whey, Whey isolate, Pea protein (The worst for making me feel ill), Soy protein. I have bought cheap brands,very expensive brands and from many retailers .
I have had celiac test for gluten from doctors which came back fine,Then last week i forked out for an intolerance/allergy test which stated that i have a strong intolerance to animal milks/dairy. So,stomach better and on the advice of the lady i tried the 90% soy protein as she said most proteins are laden with whey or milk derivatives. Only had 2 scoops of the soy yesterday and stomach feels upset again. Its not just the money, i recently joined a gym and go 3-4 times a week. I dont feel i will get any results without the proper amount of protein.
Im also vegaterian which makes it difficult. Might just give up exercising,dont think its ment to be.
Thank you very much for reading my e-mail.

06 Sep 2009 13:38
I'm personally never heard that, but maybe your body isn't use to it since you are a vegetarian. Why no meat? I'm pretty sure God put animals on this planet for me to eat them. lol I would trying eating a more balanced diet.

Also to just give up working out because you can't take protein supplements is rediculous. There are many people that don't take any supplement and workout and do very well.  

06 Sep 2009 22:02
So you have a milk protein allergy? Just make sure you are getting enough complete proteins from your diet so that you are getting a full complement of amino acids and then there is no need for any protein supplements if you are eating enough. It's not that hard if you really want it, giving up like that is a weak attitude!  

07 Sep 2009 18:58

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