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Sorry if this sounds like a dumb newbie question.

I eat a lot right before sleep, a lot of carbs - about 200 grams of carbs ...just something I choose to eat because I'm a lightweight. But, mainly because I do my daily workouts in the early mornings and I find that I have much more energy for the workouts by doing this. I'm not sure if this is wrong to do or not, because i read everywhere that eating before bed is bad and that the food just sits there in your stomach or something like that. But my main question is , I don't really want to spend more money on Casein , I only have my ON 100% Whey . Since I eat so much right before bed and then take my nightly protein shake...will it last longer to counter catabolic effects, if not at least help? I figure maybe since theres so much food that digestion of the whey will be slower perhaps? maybe I'm wrong and for some reason this whole nightly thing I do is actually bad for my recovery, I dunno.

Some advice would be appreciated.

I'm 5'9 130lbs age 26
been working out a little over 5 months. newbie since I never worked out at all prior except for sports recreation
I workout Mon-Sat 2 hours every morning each day a different target muscle
...just some info perhaps its a factor.

thanks in advance  

02 Sep 2009 20:18
How much protein are you eating throughout the day? and is there anything preventing you from eating most of those carb meals throughout the day and when you are active in the morning?

What type of carbs are you having before bed? If you're training early morning I don't see how it could be so bad if they are complex carbs, what would be more important is the total daily caloric intake.

No need to buy casein, from memory, ON whey is a blend of WPI and WPC so it's digestion is not as fast as you might expect, with the addition of food it will be slowed down even more... you could even take some fish oils and skim milk to slow it down further.

PS. the food will never just sit in the gut, digestion will always be happening, especially at rest. The only thing that will really slow it right down is training and when the sympathetic nervous system is active.  

04 Sep 2009 10:44
I appreciate the help a lot. I probably take in about 130grams of protein a day from foods. And I take in carbs all throughout the day also not sure how much. The type of carbs , well honestly i'm not sure they are these rice chips sort of things. I am currently in South Korea temporarily for a couple months so I eat these rice chips that are basically sugar free plain tasting . Not sure if they are complex carbs. Sorry for the lack of knowledge. I work a lot so I try to sneak in snacks here and there but the late night eating seems to help with the early morning workouts. it's basically the first thing I do in the morning besides waking up and taking my protein shake. I probably take in about 2800 calories or more a day.

thanks for the info , I really appreciate the time you took to read and respond.  

04 Sep 2009 17:21

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