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Question for the expert brewers. have some deca powder that I used, the powder I had left over sat in my supply container for about 7 to 10 months it was very skicky dark golden color liquid and another small amount was very hard, is this stuff still any good.  

01 Sep 2009 06:04
I would imagine so if you kept it sterile. Not very many brewers on this board at all a few people have brewed a little but I'm pretty sure there are no "expert brewers" here. I would give it a little heat and see if you can get it all back to liquid maybe just a little hot water on the out side of the container see if it all dissolves. Personally I think it's alot easier to deal with when in liquid form anyway. Most powders have a very high melting point so not uncommon to go to liquid form.  

02 Sep 2009 03:25
Liquid like runny watery? I never heard of deca doing that.. EQ is liquid deca is always a big sticky mess but never liquid or even close to it.  

02 Sep 2009 18:45

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