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I recently started working out about 5 months ago. For some reason I never really wanted to workout (probably because I was detered by lack of self confidence; barely lifting any weight) but since I started I absolutely love it. Honestly, this newfound hobby has seriously become a passion if not the highlight of each passing day. I am a newbie and have lack of knowledge on training but I pick things up by watching others around me at the gym working out. I don't know all the different excercises that they know just the basics. I never worked out ever pior to 5 months ago. But I did stay active playing sports for recreation.

I workout Mon-Saturday every morning 10am - Noon .
Mon- chest/abs

switched routine to
Mon- Bi's & Back
Tue- Chest & Tri's
Wed- Shoulders & Legs
Thur- Bi's & Back
Fri- Chest & Tri's
Sat- Shoulders & Legs

I fit in abs, cardio, and forearms on various days.

got some advice and switched my routine to get more lower body workouts in and more frequency to other areas as well.
I started supplementing whey isolate about two months in and (obvious difference and recently purchased NOX but just got it yesterday and will start using it Monday.

Supps: ON Whey & NO.Xplode, multivitamins (Centrum) that my mother gave me....

I have a few questions. Does the order of which days you workout matter? I adjusted my schedule by trial and error. for example, I did bis/tris right after chest/ abs the following day but the soreness affected my performance the next day so I made changes so I get the most efficient workouts. Is a specific order more effective? ALso, sometimes I feel progress seems slow (maybe that's just newbie impatience) but I keep thinking about the fact I only do each part once a week...I was tempted to do a "free-for-all" day with cardio on saturdays where I workout anything and everything again but my buddy said absolutely not (he said 2 days rest is essential)..Anyway I'm a a lightweight as you can tell ....anyway heres some pics I took about a month ago...**If I supp. BCAA's like the tubs that are sold will it help recovery?

oh yeah...i'm 5'9 130lbs age 26


30 Aug 2009 07:25
Just a little update

I am now 143lbs (steady) weight fluxuated a bit probably water but has come down to 143. I would say I'm content with the results I'm getting...

supps:[(86'd) No xplode], ON whey, ON BCAA, Centrum Performance, Move Free Advanced.

Mon- bi's & back
Tues- chest and tri's
Wed- shoulders & legs
then repeat thurs,fri,sat

after every workout I do some abs....decline situps knee ups etc...whatever comes to mind ...


21 Nov 2009 11:34
man, you're so ripped. You've got to build some mass.  

29 Nov 2009 18:15
true that ....i did gain a few in weight...but not easy...I eat a grip but seems like my body just metabolizes and burns everything up....I stuff myself before bed ...hahha....  

07 Dec 2009 07:08
You are really ripped man, but you should try and bulk up some, eat plenty of protein and carbs.  

13 Jan 2010 03:04
Are you training with light weights but high number of repittetions?
That could be why you are not getting bigger. You could increase the weights and lower the repittetions.  

21 Feb 2010 18:49
I agree.

You are totally ripped. Your build suggests you are a typical HARDGAINER. Nothing wrong with that. Many of us envy the little fat you have everywhere.

Being a hardgainer means you have to train HEAVY.

1. Leave out your cardio sessions for a month.
2. Keep stretching.
3. Start adding weight to your routine. Don't rush it though and don't sacrifice form for the weight.
4. You have to consume more PROTEINS and CARBS. Try 2.5 grams of protein per pound of body weight. And 4 grams of carbs per pound of body weight.
5. Make sure your consume at least 7 to 9 meals per day (grazing).
6. Hook up with other hardgainers in this forum or start a 'Hardgainer' thread.
7. Keep up the awesome work!

Happy training  

22 Feb 2010 11:00
thanks ....haven't been on here for a while...been busy.....but thanks for the advice.

I will update with new pics soon...

actually...I kind of cut out cardio completely and never workout past an hour and a half anymore ...not sure if that was smart...but, I don't want to sacrifice muscle gain at all....i stuff myself with carbs before bed since my workouts are first thing in the morning....honestly, i don't have that much power yet (but workin hard at it)...I usually put enought weight where I struggle to do 7-8 reps..(used to be 13 reps).I love workin out, tommorow is leg day....leg days are always a battle for legs are probably the weakest...So i push myself (while always focusing on my goal)...I'm not the type to sweat much....but on leg days....its like walkin out of a swimming pool....drenched...

thanks again  

18 Mar 2010 17:34
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18 Mar 2010 19:23
You said that you are workinhg out 1.5 hours solely on weights - i would recomend that you don;t go over 1 hour if you are doing it naturallty. After the 1 hour mark you will be using proteins to feul your body.  

13 Apr 2010 05:21

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