Whats A Good Cutting Cycle?

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I was 289 lbs and was in 46% body fat when I started to train Know I am in 177 lbs and 20% body fat, It took me 1 year to achieve this and currently have been training for a year and a half which 8 moths of that has been dedicated to the gym .
I currently did a cycle of Sustanon and Deca and had pretty good results of curse with a good meal plan and supplements.

I would like to know what's a good cutting cycle and what to bye before starting I was thinking winstrol with primobolan and clenbuterol but not sure if that’s the way I should go need some advice on what to take.
Currently I am 5”7 and 177lbs. with 20% body fat 31 waist

I am using:
Whey Protein
Creatine pills

My work out:
Monday, Wend, Friday
Workout Gym 5:00am and Cardio in Track at 7:00pm
Tusday, Thurday
Gym only at 7:00pm, leg workout days.  

20 Aug 2009 22:25
I prefer ephedrine / aspirin / caffeine stack

just cycle 4 weeks on, 4 weeks off...very effective

be certain hit the jogging at least 30 minutes each morning before you eat breakfast

you will absolutely lose body fat, as long as you eat correctly :thumbs:

no sweets, beer,etc

creatine is great, deca may bulk you up more

hope this helps :2cents:  

12 Mar 2010 00:53

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