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lil bit
I just received word that my husband Jimmy, canni on here, passed away last night. I know he's not been on here in a while, but I thought you all should know. You all know we've been separated for the past three, almost four years, and I've been in Va Beach while he was in San Diego, so it's going to be a bit before I find out what happened. I'll keep you all posted.  

06 Aug 2009 18:41
John H
Wow, that is a huge surprise. Cani had such a big personality that it could hardly be contained on a message board. I had a couple little scraps with him but all around he was a respectable knowledgable guy with a lot to say. RIP bro  

06 Aug 2009 23:14
wow,thats horrible. RIP canni  

07 Aug 2009 00:35
really sorry to hear that. thoughts and prayers for him and his family. RIP  

07 Aug 2009 01:12
lil bit
Thanks guys. My boss is pulling his frequent flyer miles to get me out there next week, and his dad and stepmom are going to put me up so I can be there, and I'll pass along your thoughts.  

07 Aug 2009 03:47
Shit!! this is a big shock!

RIP Canni.  

07 Aug 2009 10:45
lil bit
I just spoke with the coroner's office. The autopsy is complete, but the final determination is pending toxicology results, which they said could take 6-8 weeks. The church he had started to attend won't perform the service because he never registered as a parishioner, so it has to be performed by the parish he resided in, which he didn't like. When did the church become such a heartless machine? Wait, scratch that...  

08 Aug 2009 03:19
[QUOTE=lil bit;98577]I just spoke with the coroner's office. The autopsy is complete, but the final determination is pending toxicology results, which they said could take 6-8 weeks.[/QUOTE]

Thank you for keeping us informed and let us know the COD.

Still can't believe this, totally unexpected. Condolences to his family and friends.

How old was he?  

08 Aug 2009 08:02
Hey Lil bit.. I heard the news as well. I am so sorry to hear about Canni. He was such an awesome person. Please my condolences to his family. I will miss him ....  

09 Aug 2009 00:00
lil bit
I'll do that, and thank you! He turned 26, but my mistake, his birthday was in January, we were married in March, my head's not exactly working right.  

09 Aug 2009 01:49
Actually Lil... If you actually ever knew your freakin' 'husband', who I spent the last almost 4 years with, who's still current marital status was only because we never, ever had any money, you would have known his goddamn birthday was not march, but in fact JANUARY 29th 1983. Born in Long Beach, CA. Loved making model airplanes when he was a kid and hung them from his bedroom rafters. Loved to play the guitar. Wanted to help everyone he met. We were eachothers best friend, confidant, and touchstone. He was the most amazing person in the entire world...
I want to tell everyone that though Cani was not on here much over the last few months, him and I spent everyday together. He brought up, in laughter and good memories, so many of the members on here. You all ment so much to him. I want to thank you for the positive impact you had on his life.
He was the love of my life. I was lucky that the night before (he actually passed the morning of Aug 6th), just like every night, I was able to tell him how much I loved him. Make sure THATthe people in your life know how much they mean to you, because you NEVER EVER know when you will never again have that chance...  

10 Aug 2009 20:16
And anyone who wants any pictures or a copy of the Eulogy, let me know. His mom and dad and I have put together so many disks of his pictures, and I can send out as many copies as are needed. His funeral is on saturday, will be at church that his niece and nephews attend. Though I dont know if anyone will be close enough to San Diego to attend, if anyone would like to come, let me know and I will send you the address.  

10 Aug 2009 20:33
lil bit
I have been told not to come out, so I will not be attending my husband's memorial service. It seems that as I've released his body, I am of no further use. Pity, how petty some people can be.  

10 Aug 2009 21:48
No surprise to me at all...Canni was a greedy wannabe dealer to say the least always looking for the cheapest connection for what he could get his hands on to sell...I wish I would ave saved all the PM's he sent me begging me for sources and where he could get drugs to sell..So weather you knew that side of him or not he wanted to help people so he could help himself...

So dont make him out to be a great guy because behind the scenes and what he showed to me he was not....Lil I dont have problem with you at all, bblondon I could care less if you came on here again Canni left here because he couldnt make money off the board from him sending PM to members trying to sell shit plus I would never help him...Nuff said RIP...  

11 Aug 2009 19:03
Sorry to sound rough but I am not going to not tell the truth I apologize for being disrespectful in his passing but some things about him need to be said if others are going to make statements..I am sure to you he was a great guy and much of what he did may have been for you but it doesnt change the fact on how he acted and what you maybe didnt see love can be blind I have lived that...Sorry for your loss and please dont come on here and defend him what i say is the truth and probably something you didnt know so leave it at that...  

11 Aug 2009 19:09
lil bit
I won't defend him. BB is young and hurting, she needs to see him as perfect and she needs someone to lash out at.

I knew all sides of canni, regardless of what some may tell themselves. He did a lot of things wrong, I am well aware of all his faults and failings but he was a friend to some, and in the end he tried to be a better friend to me than the husband that he had been. I wanted no more than to let those who cared know he was gone, that it turned into anything more was never my intent.  

11 Aug 2009 19:27
Believe it or not storm, I knew about everything. We were struggling students trying to make rent most days. And cani really looked up to you as something to strive to be like, hence the asking you about sources. It hurts to hear that from you. I'm glad he had no idea that you really thought that. And he didn't stop going on here for that. It was because he was in and out of the hospital, lost the apartment, and for the last few months had been dealing with some heavy burdens. He was, when he was here, always around to help anyone. And lil is no angel in this. I was not going to say a word, but now I am just DISGUSTED! I can't even believe the things that you brought up and asked for, or rather demanded from jimmy's family! How much money he had in the bank, did he have a car, wanted to go through all of his things! The funeral preperations are not even through yet! He had nothing! And u still drove that home. For almost 4 years of living on the opposite side of the continent, you have done nothing but demand money from Jimmy, even after he filed bankrupcy to clear both of your debts when you wouldn't help. It was disgusting! You know that's why they asked you to not come. So don't throw around responses about people being pety! How about gold diggers who don't even know their 'husbands' birthday demanding money from his broken and devistated family. I can't say that I am even a BIT suprised. You always made him feel horrible. We won't even get into the incidents that made it so he had to ask you to move out after less then a year of marriage. You are an awful person. I am glad that you will never be able to hurt him again. I had to see that. Or make him cry... because he had only ever wanted to do the right thing by you. Or tell him he was worthless. Because it was really always you who was the pety, rude, and horrible one. And this last incident just proved it. Have a good life. I hope you take this as a learning experience. And he was a great person! He had flaws. But no one is perfect. Not a single person on here is. So I hope when anyone of you passes that you don't have people turn around and talk about you in such a negative way or treat you with such disrespect. This all makes me sick...  

11 Aug 2009 19:59
lil bit
I was doing what he had taught me, focus on the details because if I didn't I was going to lose it. That and as his wife these are my responsibilities to him, and I was going to have one shot to get it done, five days, because I couldn't afford to go out there twice, and once I got out there his death was going to hit me like a ton of lead and I would've been friggin useless. Gold digger? I never asked if he had money in his account, only if he had one, because again, as his WIFE, it's my responsibility to make sure that all his things are taken care of. A gold digger would have asked his parents "oh, by the way, do you have the $700 he still owed me for the checks he bounced on our joint account and the dog that I bought and he kept?"
I wanted nothing of his from the past four years, what I wanted was a glass that was made for our wedding day that matches the one I had, and a $2 shot glass that we bought in Tijuana, and the dishes that were our wedding gift, things that quite frankly I didn't trust his family to give. Next time get your facts straight before you try trashing someone, child.
As for facts straight, let's be honest. He hadn't seen you every day. He hadn't mentioned you in months. The last time he did mention you, it was to say that he couldn't get rid of you, because every time he broke up with you, you stalked him. You hadn't been with him every night, and you certainly didn't get to say goodbye because he was already dead by the time the paramedics came. You are insane, and a stalker, and you are pissed off at me because the only thing missing from your psychotic fantasy was his wedding ring and his name, both of which I still had. Why don't you do us a favor, as the only reason you even posted was to lash out at me, and get the **** off this board??  

11 Aug 2009 20:13
You are a piece of work lil... And as his 'wife' you would think that all of the times he asked you for a divorce, and asked you to sell the ring to help pay for it, and demanded his name back, you would have wanted to 'help take care of things' then. Or when you guys had debt, and instead of helping pay it, he had to pay it, AND you. Because you would have rather drank and hung out with sailors, according to jimmy, instead of do the right thing by him. You never did. And I said I was able to say good bye the night before, just so were clear. When he needed me, I was there for him. When someone is having a hard time, and they know you have always been there for them, they tend to see that as a positive thing. He did. Im sure that you are angry, and hurt. I can imagine. You can say what you want. You and I both know how and what you are. And you know what lil, your not going to be here. Regardless of problems in our relationship, I was the only one he was able to trust those last few months. And we did see eachother almost every day. Except for days he was in the hospital. I dont care about defending me. Because I have a ring as well, and I have lots of memories. But ya know what really matters? Knowing that you did all that you could for that person when they asked it of you. Your guilt will surely bother you for sometime. If you have a conscience. Which I have never heard anyone speak of. I am more angry that he is lying in a morgue, not getting to live out the rest of his life, be happy, graduate from school, grow old, travel as much as he dreamed of. And all you care about is trashing him. I dont care if I was in the picture with him! Thats the difference between me and you. I loved him, more then anything, your right. But I genuinely just wanted him to be HAPPY. Even when we werent together. Thats why he kept me there. We complained about eachother, as most people do at some point. But he always had me, through thick and thin. And he always appreciated it. and I always appreciated him in my life. I was lucky to have that.
I dont even know why I am defending my relationship with him. Others on the board know and got to see how we were, and I really could care less what you have to say. Bottom line, I was here because he wanted me to be.
I dont care what you say to me, or about me, because your words only come from a hateful heart. But I cannot for one second tolerate you disrespecting him and his family. He deserved far better then that from you. At least you can finally give him that cant you? Just respect him enough to not trash him in an open forum when HE CANNOT DEFEND HIMSELF!  

11 Aug 2009 20:50
lil bit

You silly little girl.

Jimmy never once asked me to sell my rings. If he told you that, it was more of his manipulations, he always played his women off each other, he played me off several girls when we met, and he was playing you off me. He gave me his word that he would pay for the divorce, and I'll have you know that i offered several times to forgive the other debt if he would just pay for the divorce. And I'd had your word that you would help him make paying me the money he owed me and paying for the divorce a priority, and yet while he couldn't set aside $300 over the four years we've been separated, he still managed to have enough money to get high on x and coke, buy supplements, and go out and get pissed with his friends.

As for his family, I have first hand knowledge, and I've heard from Jimmy's mouth how he always felt second best, and then there's the fact that his father kicked him out of his house just over a week after he'd had his appendix out, and with no where else to go he had to fly back to Virginia. My mother took him in when his family kicked him out.

You don't need to defend anything. And if you would have noticed, I was initially defending you, I said that you were hurting and that you needed to view only his good points. I was defending you and you chose instead to attack me.

You turned a thread that I started to let others know of his death into a venue for your own need to lash out at me, for your own personal vendetta, it's easy to kick someone when they're down and two thousand miles away.

Now, I've had enough of your childish tantrums and antics, and your attempts to disrespect and slander me. I went along partly because this has been cathartic but you're boring me. I hope one day you mature enough to realize how unnecessarily vicious your behaviour has been, but I doubt it highly. Storm, would you mind closing or deleting this thread?  

11 Aug 2009 21:07
lil bit
I'm restraining myself in my responses. I'll ask you one time only, do you really think you're honoring Jim by degrading me? We were friends, we were close, and we had forgiven each other our wrongs. I've made peace with our past, now will you kindly make peace with the fact that I was still legally married to him?

If I was as heartless as you say, I wouldn't have spent hours on the phone with the diocese trying to get Santa Sofia to perform the service, I wouldn't have driven back to work after having left because the coroner needed me to fax over another release that was more clear, and I wouldn't have been trying to get a friggin loan to cover the cost of going out for his funeral because I didn't have vacation to cover the time, and I wasn't going to let his family pay for anything that I needed.

Everyone grieves in their own way. Now please, go grieve with those who care about you, and leave off trying to hurt someone who is grieving for his loss as well.  

11 Aug 2009 21:16
I appreciate if you were defending me. I did not need it though. After you defended me, you imediately attacked his character! Thats where my frustration lies with you. But its not just you. Some people were respectful, and that would have ment alot to Jimmy, because this board ment alot to him. But some people did not. My frustration is in the lack of candor, and disrespect in regards to Jimmy. I could care LESS of defending my actions. I was not talking about his dad, though he and Jimmy were able to finally reconnect over the last few months, but everyone is hurting. Horribly so. And hearing anyone focusing on flaws and making accusations towards him that he cannot DEFEND angers me in a way that I cannot begin to express. I do not need to slander you. It is only slander if its not the truth. We are not what is important right now... You and I, we dont matter. This time should be a focus on him and the good things he brought to the world. Not what this board turned into. The only thing I care about is Jimmy getting the respect on here that he deserves. That anyone would deserve when they pass away. He was a good person. And anyone who cannot look past his flaws to see that, I am saddend by.  

11 Aug 2009 21:17
lil bit
Hannah, you made assumptions based off of what someone else said, and nothing that you said was even remotely true. You pretty much called me a drunken slut, which was not appreciated. And I've never lied to Jimmy, it's why we were friends, because of everyone he knew I wouldn't sugar coat shit, if he was being a dumbass or an asshole then I called him on it, and I won't sugar coat it now. I loved him knowing full well his flaws, which was the point I had been making before you turned vicious.

This thread was started solely for the purpose of advising others of his passing, and you twisted it. You haven't been on here regularly, you have no reason to now, so please leave it be.  

11 Aug 2009 21:41
I actually did not call you that. I said that was how Jimmy felt about it. And no I dont think you ever lied to him. But not lying, and being kind are two different things. When his name was being dragged through the mud I was frustrated at you not defending him. Instead you started talking about how you knew how flawed he was, that he did alot of things wrong. If your friendship was stronger, why wouldnt you defend him? Instead of jumping on and going with that line of thought? Of just hurtful debasing that Jimmy can no longer defend himself from? This thread is to speak of him, and considering it is about his passing, I would think it would be positive, thoughtful reactions. He deserved to not be slandered on this board. Thats all that matters to me. I wont be on here. Your right, have no reason to be. The people on here who really cared and were there, I have their phone numbers. Jimmy deserved better on here then he received on this thread.  

11 Aug 2009 22:00
A good person doesnt ask for the shit he did..A good person doesnt say hey I need an HGH connection I can sell kits for 400 but I need to pay 150 for them..He wasnt in that kind of league he wanted to be but he also wanted fonts a big no no and a clear sign he was a nobody who didnt have his shit together...

I tried to explain this to him I was always honest with him even when he flat out lied about how he looked body measurements all of it..So how did he die? What did it have to do with? I will assume drugs if you wont produce the correct answer..

He was very careless in what he took and how he took it I know that so again maybe good in your eyes but the truth is he was an ignorant fool who wanted more then he deserved or could handle...So it stops here take it to PM if you want to keep bantering back and forth.  

11 Aug 2009 22:16
I feel others should be able to post o this thread if they want so I wont close it but if you tow wants to keep going at it again take it to PM.  

11 Aug 2009 22:17
Were not sure what caused it yet... And yes storm, your being way harsh for a thread about a person who looked up to you and thought of you as a friend, who is now deceased.
We have to wait for more results. But it could have to do with a residual effect from something that put him into the hospital in the first place. No, that doesnt mean drugs. And not suicide. He passed in his sleep. So it was at least peaceful... But we dont know full details as of right now.  

11 Aug 2009 22:33
I am telling the truth if that sounds harsh it is from his actions and how showed his true colors...He was never my friend my friends dont act that way and certainly not towards me...So basically you're being vague..I also find it weird how when you came on here about being pregnant his name never came up..We actually discussed that in the mod forum....So you wont tell the truth but we will and I am being harsh juts because of his actions and how he was on this board? Typical scenario.

If he got hit by a car or something else in that manner happened I might have a little more sympathy but since you are proving my thoughts I wont..  

12 Aug 2009 06:13
wow, i'm shocked and really sorry to hear about both of your losses. it's never easy when someone that young dies, regardless of how he died...  

12 Aug 2009 17:53
ya know storm, im so glad that you have nothing better to do with your time then to bash people, and talk about how strange it is that me and cani didnt just announce our pregnancy online. Considering someone that he was currently linked with by paperwork is on this board. It was a tad sensitive of a situation. I had come on here looking for information about healthy pregnancy workout info because cani thought there would be some good info.
Im glad that I get to see your true colors though.
Yes we were pregnant a few months ago. No, it did not keep. Not that it is any of your f****** business.  

12 Aug 2009 18:42
I have plenty better to do then listen to your bullshit about a guy who obviously made his own bed and now he is lying in it..Get over yourself little girl Canni most likely did all of this to himself...I have ALWAYS been hardcore honest and call it like I see it and he was full of shit and I bet anything a scammer from the PM's he would send me constantly you dumbass...I could care less if you kept the baby or not the way I see it it had no life with the two of you so dont come back on the board anymore ...You sure as hell didnt bring much to the board and again Canni was on his endless search for a hookup that wold front him shit he had no business trying to sell..he also would PM members trying to sell shit...Post again and I will ban you...Try me.  

12 Aug 2009 19:27
lil bit
[QUOTE=cwshorns;98640]wow, i'm shocked and really sorry to hear about both of your losses. it's never easy when someone that young dies, regardless of how he died...[/QUOTE]

Thank you, cws, it's appreciated. Anyone who wants to know more can pm me in about two months, that's when I should definitely have the results from toxicology.

There's speculation on what caused his death because of blood that was supposedly coming from either his nose, ears or both, but unless I'm stoned off my ass I don't like speculating, I like facts, so until I get the results I'm not going to make any assumptions.  

12 Aug 2009 20:00
yes lets not speculate then huh? you should know lil that there was no blood comming from his nose or ears. just a little bit from his mouth. leave those kind of details off here huh? he had a right to some dignity...
Storm... I will pray for you. I feel so sorry for the person you are. Cani was a better person then you will ever be. Ban me. I have NO problem with that. This board obviously is not a place for anyone who cares about others.  

12 Aug 2009 20:52
lil bit
[QUOTE=bblondon;98646]yes lets not speculate then huh? you should know lil that there was no blood comming from his nose or ears. just a little bit from his mouth. leave those kind of details off here huh? he had a right to some dignity...
Storm... I will pray for you. I feel so sorry for the person you are. Cani was a better person then you will ever be. Ban me. I have NO problem with that. This board obviously is not a place for anyone who cares about others.[/QUOTE]

Ummm, his stepmother had told me that when she was trying to get me to release the body, you ignorant, petty, vicious, vindictive little whelp.  

12 Aug 2009 22:31
[QUOTE=bblondon;98646]yes lets not speculate then huh? you should know lil that there was no blood comming from his nose or ears. just a little bit from his mouth. leave those kind of details off here huh? he had a right to some dignity...
Storm... I will pray for you. I feel so sorry for the person you are. Cani was a better person then you will ever be. Ban me. I have NO problem with that. This board obviously is not a place for anyone who cares about others.[/QUOTE]

No need to pray for me little one I am my own god and control my own life...Canni was a fool plain and simple and was never close to what i do for those around me..Beggers never get a good life and that is what he did begged..This board cares for those who follow the right path and Canni didnt and it lead him to where he is now...

You being so vague about things juts shows hwo messed up your relationship really was if he was the father why not brag about it sine you announced it on the board? Hmmmmmmm been around way to long not to see though all your bullshit and his too...Good bye what ever you name is.  

12 Aug 2009 23:20
I just found out cani died from his aunt and i jumped on here...Cant believe the shit storm that has gone on.  

05 Sep 2009 00:04
if you want to speak freely please go right ahead I will let anyone say what they need to say that is how it is on this board..  

05 Sep 2009 00:31
Well, I was a bit shocked. I've known him for quite a while.

so...How you doin Storm? lol  

05 Sep 2009 01:04
Doing my things as usual biz is good and growing fast so cant complain...  

05 Sep 2009 07:23
Shut up spammer you're not allowed to speak.  

05 Sep 2009 15:55
lil bit
Sorry darlin, I was trying to catch as many of his friends as possible in time to attend his service, I'm so sorry that I missed you!!!

And sorry again to everyone for letting myself get pulled into a catfight, but I've never been one to sit back and let myself be degraded publicly, even if I can understand the motive... I wish I had handled the whole situation better.  

06 Sep 2009 14:45
you handled yourself well lil... people like us dont sit back and let ourselves be walked on... Smile  

06 Sep 2009 17:45
lil bit
Thanks darlin  

08 Sep 2009 15:08
lil- you get the toxicology reprt back yet on COD?  

08 Sep 2009 18:34
lil bit
Nope, nothing yet. They're supposed to email me the results, but I'm not sure I trust them to get it right, as the lady who was taking my information was hard to understand...  

08 Sep 2009 19:20
lil bit
I just received the report on his death. The cause of death was ruled as Adult Respiratory Distress Syndrome, and the death ruled as natural.  

21 Oct 2009 16:05
thx for the update lil!  

21 Oct 2009 17:43
lil bit
No problem...I'm just glad to finally know.  

21 Oct 2009 18:24
wow.that scares me a little since i have been having chronic upper respitory infections for about 3 yrs now.thanks for the update lil  

23 Oct 2009 00:27
that is a huge surprise. Cani had such a big personality that it could hardly be contained on a message board. I had a couple little scraps with him but all around he was a respectable knowledgable guy with a lot to say. RIP bro


28 Oct 2009 14:22
Havn't been on here in awhile. Had a calling to visit this site.. and read the shocking news! I am speechless.  

31 Oct 2009 19:48
John H
[QUOTE=dadan;99608]that is a huge surprise. Cani had such a big personality that it could hardly be contained on a message board. I had a couple little scraps with him but all around he was a respectable knowledgable guy with a lot to say. RIP bro


?? why did you just copy and paste my comment?  

04 Nov 2009 01:34
lil bit
It's just a friggin bs post, sorry though John.

Yeah, Aaron, hell of a thing to come back to...hope all is well with you though.  

04 Nov 2009 02:14

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