When do you need to add supplements onto a clean diet?

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Hi guys.

I'm wondering, for a relative newbie at weight training, how much of progress is going to be down to meal content, and how much down to the 'fine tuning' i.e. supplementation and precise meal timing?
I eat pretty clean, and take carnitine and a thermo before cardio, but i'm fairly novice at the 'regime' element - i just eat 5-6 meals, take multivitamins and train in the morning, not much fancy about it. :sleep:
Any tips on how to tweak the timing of meals and supplements and/ or other supplements to take? All the threads i've read seem to have pretty complicated routines and i'm a bit confused!

Oh yeah - about me: female, goals are fat loss (a little) and getting fitness model- style definition. Current stats: 5'7" about 125-128lb, about low 20s bf.

any tips would be fab!

26 Jul 2009 11:52
when it comes to supplements if your protein is low from lack of meats, soy etc then add a protein drink in there. also you can experiment with ECA. ephedrine caffeine and asprian. weight loss realy solely runs on diet though. you have to be thorough. look on labels at everything u do.  

26 Jul 2009 15:01
thanks again AB - you're very helpful!  

27 Jul 2009 07:46

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