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Hello to all members,

Im currently 19 years of age and have been training for aprox 2.5 years on and off but for the past year or so constantly. Im weighing in at 86 KG and have decided to do my first cycle. But where i need the help is on actually planing the cycle out. What i have is

10x 1ml Sus250
10x 1ml Deca
50ml Stanazol

Can members please help me on how i would do a cycle on the 3 and how long and how much would i need. Thanks

P.s I do have my post cycle therapy as Nolvadex, clomid and pregnyol  

22 Jul 2009 11:34
Well first off at your age you shouldn't touch the stuff. Secondly you don't have enough of anything to run a good cycle. Long ester test at 500mg every week for 10-12 is a good first cycle. Be safe and be smart hold off for a few year.  

23 Jul 2009 07:23
iv had alot of talking to a personal trainer advice and iv decided to hold of the gear for a little while at the moment just focus more on my training technique properly and my nutrition intake. But if i was still going to go ahead and do the cycle how much would i exactly need and of what? also how would a cycle of the three work and operate togheter  

23 Jul 2009 18:57
Well, I'm hoping you are being honest and holding off most can't hold back. I wouldn't mess with the winny. If you are going to run test and deca I'd go 500mg a week of test and 400mg a week of deca for 12-15wks.  

24 Jul 2009 06:02
Total honest mate still holding off, but i ended getting some more sus250 in. Iv got Deca durabolin by organon australian chemist prescribed 50mg shot. Due to it being for humans is the 50mg identical do a deca 50 for animals or the human is much stronger? If so stronger how stronger? Also why dont you recommend stanazol? The only reason i purchased it is for looseing water retension and getting strong definition after a sus and decca cycle. Was it wrong to do that? If so when would stana be good to consume?  

26 Aug 2009 19:15
can anyone help to my last reply guys please?  

02 Sep 2009 18:23
Doesnt sound like your not going to do it and from what you asking you have no idea what those compounds do...Winny doesnt help you loose water that is ridiculous human grade and vet grade has nothing to do with mg it has to do with quality made.  

02 Sep 2009 18:50
Believe me mate iv made my decision to hold of for a while what im getting confused on what does winny exactly do and with quality between the human grade and vet grade what is the exact diffence for instance on Sus250 and deca durobolin. Also i would like to thank the time and effort your putting in with your help  

07 Sep 2009 17:43
can anyone help to my last reply guys please?  

09 Sep 2009 19:03
human grade is produced for human use in countries that can selll it legally or if your on HRT you get a script for human grade.... vet is prodcued for animals, vetrinarin use  

10 Sep 2009 03:39

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