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Hey Guys and Gals .. Been away the forum for a while but trying to get back into things.. Well to start I have a question from my dear big brother ... He is concerned about Sodium and Cholesterol .. He is getting mixed messages about them both. He wants to make sure he is within the correct limits of the cholesterol (mg) and sodium (mg) per day. Some say he should take 300mg of cholesterol (the good kind) and like 1000mg of sodium.. He is confused.. Can you guys guide him? He is 31yrs old into weights and cardio. He is almost 6 ft tall and is mainly muscle but he does have fat on him of course, mainly belly fat. Help my dear bro please!!! :banghead:  

19 Jul 2009 23:03
hey sexy Wink sodium can be tough diet wise to actually hit the right amount. to much causes you to hold water, and raises blood pressure. for the average male i beleive not to consume more then 2500mg of it per day, but not less then 1200mg. too little will cause dizzyness, heachaches. depends on height and weight. sodium is also good for carb metabolization. personally i stick with a lot of fresh meats and vegs. the stuff that is pre cooked hs TONS of sodium in it so stay away from those. i generaly get over 2000mg of sodium a day

best bet to get cholesteral levels checked out with a blood test. dont go above 300 thats the general guide line.  

21 Jul 2009 19:11

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