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i did a 12 week cycle of test/Deca and then Nolv/Provi.

I kept on the proviron for 3 weeks after cycle.

Then have been on orals Dianobal 20 per day/Stanz.50 per day
Followed with 50 proviron

I am into my 4th week of this.

So basically, I have not stopped since starting my 12 week injections and now into my orals.

I did my blood tests and ultrasounds on the insides.

I feel great and everything medically is fine.

Should I stop. I want to start a cycle of injections with Primo/Winst/Deca

Any thoughts from someone who knows.  

15 Jul 2009 13:34
But you are still supressing your natural hormones. I am assuming you weren't saying your test levels were back to normal because the dbol and winny would supress it still. As far as healthy most the time people don't get huge adverse effects from AAS. So, with that being said supressing your test for long periods of time could have more adverse effects, but it's not unheard of people staying on for 6 months to a year and recovering, but it could be a problem recovering after a long cycle.  

16 Jul 2009 04:06
You are right. I have started about 10 days ago, taking the orals every other day, now i have stopped the Dbal oral and have only taken stan when I work out. Once I completely phase off of this and do a couple weeks of ProViron. Do you have any recomendations as to what I should do for the next 3 months while off of everything. Thanks  

16 Jul 2009 15:14
Just stay motivated and keep the calories where they need to be to keep your gains. If you really don't want to come off another option when you are off AAS would be IGF-L3 it won't effect your test levels so they will return to normal, but you can get some good gains and it will help you keep the gains you have made this cycle. You wouldn't be using AAS, but still on something that helps you out a little.  

17 Jul 2009 01:34

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