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Hi guys, this is my first post on here so I guess I'll introduce myself first.

My name is Lewis and I'm from Florida, happy to be here!

So I have a question, I came to work today and I brought some of my stuff with me; L-Glutamine powder, anabolic amino 10,000 pills and my CE-2. Anyway I forgot it all in the car and it was in there from approximately 9am up until 12 when I went to lunch... So about 3 hours, maybe a little longer.. I'm just sort of worried that all my supplements are now spoiled since FL gets pretty hot this time of year. The pills and the CE-2 look ok and the powder is unopened since I bought it last night, but the containers are a little warm and there seems to be some heat inside of them.

Any help at all would be appreciated guys! Thanks!  

13 Jul 2009 20:11
They'll be fine.  

15 Jul 2009 06:55

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