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I'm looking for something to add to my homemade weight gainer, if anything. ON 100% Whey Gold Standard is the most popular but some say generic brands are just as good. I'm going by what I can find cheap online and what I have around here. The short list:

Champion Nutrition Heavyweight Gainer 900
MRM Metabolic Whey
ON 100% Whey Gold Standard
ON Serious Mass
GNC 100% Whey
Body Fortress
BodyTechWhey Tech

Any input would be appreciated.



12 Jul 2009 03:16
I use ON 100% Whey Gold Standard if you are comparing prices make sure you are comparing the serving size of things not just the total weight.  

12 Jul 2009 03:38
Thank you very much. Some people are really brand loyal, others just buy whatever's on sale.  

28 Jul 2009 07:32

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