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Hi, I was wondering if you guys could help me out with nutrition, as I have absolutely no clue. Im 22 years old, 160lbs, started lifting weight about 2 months ago, 4 times per week. Im currently taking whey protein, and I consume around 120 grams of protein per day. calorie wise, I have absolutely no idea how much I should be taking to promote good gains without putting on a spare tire. I was hoping you guys could help me with the calorie aspect.

28 Jun 2009 21:04
You should be on a 40:35:25 ratio, protein, carbs and fat respectively. Start with 3500 calories and adjust from there. Your plan should consist of five meals and should include a gallon of water a day.  

09 Jul 2009 02:01
As you are 22 years old you have to do lots of work for this you need high calories to maintain your energy level. Try to avoid cheese and butter and go for healthy diet like green vegetables and fruits which have protein, vitamins and minerals.  

16 Jul 2009 20:27
This is some good basic info that should help  

17 Jul 2009 07:17
What is your weight? If you are very heavy its best if you could stop taking in calories and depend of fruits and protein.And work out in the gym as much as you can.  

23 Oct 2009 13:37

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