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so I'm 22 years old and havent been feeling "right" for the past few months-year so I decided to get a blood test done. I had low sex drive, erectile problems, suddenly had a very difficult time even maintaining my muscle, wasnt necessarily depressed but was never happy.

blood test came back and my testosterone was 249 ng/dl ... and for those that dont know, normal ranges are between 300-1200 ng/dl.

I'm going to the doctor tomorrow to discuss treatment options and what not. I'm just curious if anyone else here has been through this before.

I'm curious what effects I should notice. Am I right in thinking that it will be NOTICEABLY easier for me to build muscle? I know it's not going to be like I'm doing a cycle of steroids and I'll have super human strength and get HUGE, but I mean has anyone else here been in this situation? and what effects did you notice as far as muscle building goes?

I know I should have an increased sex drive, better erectile function, better mood/sense of well being... but what I'm curious about is the muscle building effects I should notice, if any.

thanks guys.  

24 Jun 2009 21:56
hormone replacement therapy brother lots of people go undiagnosed. even for your general health and well being you need it. as you said you didnt have a sense of well being and your body was reacting.

you will feel better on HRT and yes it will be easier to build muscle. i beleive the common dose for people is 200mg injected by weekly. your not going to explode but you will see the difference. i may be wrong though. if you get started on the injectible make sure your getting at least one shot in there once a week.

personally i would only do the inject. they may recomend the gel. tel them you have serious skin issues etc etc  

24 Jun 2009 22:08
Dude, your going to get some primo test. It's time to grow!!!  

25 Jun 2009 23:12
your dr. might try to prescribe you the test cream instead of injectables, that's what mine did. My preference is injectable so i asked him to change the prescription, i hate the cream. just my 2 cents...  

26 Jun 2009 16:56
just an update... he gave me a perscription for the gel because he said 99% of his patients take the gel so i just said ok whatever give me the gel. but he wanted to do another blood test to make sure there wasnt an error and this time the blood test was done about an hour after I woke up from a nice 9 hour sleep night. As you all should know test levels are significantly higher in the morning after you wake up than they are later in the day. This time it came back 349ng/dl.

SO NOW, he wants me to take a 3rd blood test in a few days but do it later in the day at like 4:00 pm and if that comes back low then he said i can get the prescription filled, but if that comes back normal then he said since I'm still on the low end of the normal range and I've come back low once before, that he would give me a new prescription but for less/not as strong or whatever.

SOO I really want this test to come back low, any advice as to how I could get my testosterone low for that 3rd blood test? I'm going to only sleep for like 4-5 hours that night before and wake up super early, I think that will help, any other suggestions. Like should I workout the day before or not workout the day before, foods to eat, should I drink the night before, foods to avoid that raise test levels, etc... thanks

I think the only reason why my second test came back normal was because it was early in the morning so I'm pretty confident that if I got tested later in the day itd come back low, but I just want to MAKE SURE it comes back low.  

27 Jun 2009 02:07
UPDATE: 3rd blood test came back 211 ng/dl. I have now been on the 5g androgel for 3 days. Anyone else who used the gel before, when did you start noticing effects?

the pamphlet I got said about 30 days to start noticing increases in mood, well-being, sex drive, erectile function. and within about 90 days is when you will really start to notice increases in muscle mass, decrease in body fat.  

09 Jul 2009 20:49
i honestly dont know too mant people to have used it but for those that have got very minimal effects from it. see how you react and theres no negative in gonig to your doctor and asking for the injectible version  

09 Jul 2009 23:52
the pamphlet I got said about 30 days to start noticing increases in mood, well-being, sex drive, erectile function. and within about 90 days is when you will really start to notice increases in muscle mass, decrease in body fat.

remember though, the dr is prescribing it to raise your test levels to normal. he's not focused on your mass gaining or bf%. with the amt you're taking, you will see your libido increase and you'll start to feel better, but as far as burning fat and developing muscle, unless youre going over the prescribed pumps/day, you'll see minimal to no gains. When i took the gel, i felt my libido change within 3 days, but that's also the same time i went back in and asked him to prescribe me injectables instead. i showed him where i was getting a rash on my arm from it...  

10 Jul 2009 00:40
ya ... maybe I stated my question wrong. Say this testosterone replacement therapy increases my testosterone to 500 ng/dl . It seems obvious to me that it will be EASIER to build muscle and burn fat correct? I know its not going to be like im doing a steroid cycle and I'll just get huge, but going from 211 ng/dl to 500 ng/dl would assumingly make it easier for me to build muscle correct (assuming my diet, training, rest, etc. are all in order).

On a side note, one of the main reasons why I think my testosterone may have been low in the first place is because I have been soooo stressed out because I'll be graduating from college in December, and me and my girlfriend broke up a lil before I got the tests done and I have just been SUPER DEPRESSED over that. So I'm thinking all of that may have lowered my testosterone, so once I manage my stress, things get better between my girlfriend and I and I'm not all depressed anymore I think that'll naturally bring my testosterone back up, and on top of that I'll be taking the androgel so hopefully I can get up to the 900 ng/dl range.... prob just wishful thinking tho.  

28 Jul 2009 20:48

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