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its me again i just re-wrote my diet for cutting again im 6'2'' 207lbs 34 years old my diet macro is 269g P 204g C 88g F 2674 calories.I have a pretty active job and i train 4 days a week and do cardio 6 days a week please let me know what you think( i tried to do a plan that fits my day because i dont have breaks at work just 30 min lunch).I put my carbs down and put my fat's higher so its like a 40% P 30% C 30% F.I know i have a lot of shakes but its to fit my busy schedule and my morning shake its really a whey shake its mostly egg& egg whites:

MEAL 1: 1/2 cup of oats,shake( 1 cup of skim milk,1 whole egg,4 egg whites,20 g of whey),fruit,fish oil caps,multi-vitamins

MEAL 2: Tuna sandwich(1/2 can of white tuna,2 slices of stone milled whole wheat bread,1 tbs fat free mayo) i got to make this meal quick cause i have NO break so its eat & go

MEAL 3: Chicken sandwich or 4 oz of chicken breast with 1 1/2 cup of brun rice,apple

MEAL 4: 40g whey protein shake,1 oz(20 almonds)

MEAL 5: 8 oz of lean cut meat,1 cup of romain salad,2 tbs of fat free dressing

MEAL 6: 40g whey protein shake, 1 oz(20 almonds)

I will maybe alternate MEAL 2 with MEAL 4,i usually take in my carbs in the morning but from what i heard it doesnt really matter at what time i take the carbs as long as it fits in my macro's.I usually train right after MEAL 4 its my only time i can train so would it be better to eat some carbs before my workout?  

31 May 2009 19:46
Looks like you're on track. You'll have to stay with it for a few weeks to really know if any adjustments need to be made. However, I like it.  

03 Jun 2009 00:51

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