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I'm 19 and I weigh about 170. I've been lifting for almost 3 years, doing mainly power lifting. I need to get bigger and stronger for sports and I was gonna take tren xtreme. Alot of my buddies have taken it and seen great results. Is it safe for me to take this stuff? Should I take it with any other supplements? Any advice would be appreciated.  

31 May 2009 07:00
It is a great product and there is one just like it and cheaper and has an added ingredient to help with pumps and shuttling nutrients..Not knocking American labs at all they are the reason I started my own version actually....Plain and simple Factor X is the same with more to it cost less and is lab tested proof shown nobody else does that but us..  

04 Jun 2009 03:17
You should stack it so that the term is shorter.  

05 Jun 2009 18:14
Are you people freaking KIDDING ME??!!?!?!

This kid is 19. NINETEEN. He does NOT need to be using Tren Xtreme. Eat right (we can help you with this), work out hard, and DON'T MESS WITH YOUR TESTOSTERONE LEVELS!

You are not done growing and you can ruin yourself for years by doing this. Your hormones will be imbalanced, you might fuse your growth plates, and you may never get back to normal!

I can't believe I'm reading these responses.  

05 Jun 2009 20:34
Yes you are right and not to candy coat anything but at least he isnt on here asking how to use winny by itself...These products are sold to anyone over 18 legally does it change the fact he most likey wont do things right? Not at all but in this case he is picking the lesser of the two evils for his age...  

09 Jun 2009 17:24

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