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what an idiot.... Bravo  

18 Dec 2004 05:54
****ing tool. :fu:  

18 Dec 2004 06:58
actully Brad has been that way for a long time..Fckr insists he has never done a site inj..It seems to me besides making retarded looking oil bags it also causes brain damage  

18 Dec 2004 07:10
his right arm looks fine his left arm just looks f-up. don't understand how people can still think they look good after they do that to themselves.  

18 Dec 2004 07:29
he doesnt take drugs........  

18 Dec 2004 11:51
What a dumb ass! :aah: :banghead:
He is the shame for BBing  

18 Dec 2004 13:37
Do you think he could ever get surjery and fix that?  

18 Dec 2004 23:40
What r them little hills?lol  

20 Dec 2004 02:34
You know synthol use correctly can benefit some. I know some people that have had good results, but people like this just have taken it too far. Personally I'll have no plans of ever using synthol. I don't want to end up messed up.  

20 Dec 2004 03:13
Yes i agree i have siad it beofre it can be used to help a laggin part when used right...By streching the fascia sack you can allow for more room for growth..These idiots just keep jammin in 100's of cc's to make there arms look retarded...There was a guy around my area that took 9 100ml bottle to go from 17in to 20in arms..They actually looked good only problem was he was 205lbs and 6'4 and his arms were bigger then his legs....He did end up tearing the hell out of his tricep...In excess it has no benafit at all but admiration from the little people who don't know better...  

20 Dec 2004 03:47
Look at this guy Doc slin posted this over at LOI.....  

21 Dec 2004 00:07
good job jack ass. Bravo  

21 Dec 2004 00:08
he injects his pecs as well  

30 Dec 2004 19:40
That looks retarded.  

30 Dec 2004 22:42
LOL that is the funniest shit i have ever seen what a retard!!  

06 Jan 2005 06:44
There is something seriously wrong with this guy, how could somebody do this to themselves?  

08 Jan 2007 23:31
Big A
wow he drinks his milk LMOA  

09 Jan 2007 00:45
Big A
thats the 40yr old that beat Sean armwresteling LMAO  

09 Jan 2007 00:48
seen this ages ago. this is old  

09 Jan 2007 02:52
all nattttttuuuuuraaaallllll these idoits make everyone think that steriods will **** you up but really these guys dont have a damn clue what they are putting in their body let alone how they can be used safley  

09 Jan 2007 03:00
thats Luke in a year lol  

09 Jan 2007 23:29
Ask What His Liver Count Is ,or If He Will Sub To A Spinal Tap And Post The Actual Results..  

10 Jan 2007 08:02
Dont Get Me Wrong Whatever He Is Doing Is Fine W Me.but Dont Deny You Are Doing Something You Think Everyone Is ?????????????  

10 Jan 2007 08:04
how could u inject oil into urself and think its ok  

10 Jan 2007 09:05
well over the last few posts i have come to the conclusion that getnbig is a Synthol user and he has a fetish for losers.  

10 Jan 2007 20:01
Big A
[QUOTE=Dex]well over the last few posts i have come to the conclusion that getnbig is a Synthol user and he has a fetish for losers.[/QUOTE]

LMAO i was gathering the same but thought i would refrain from saying anything :laughing:  

10 Jan 2007 20:30
He's definately got boobs on his arms lol  

02 Feb 2007 02:41
[QUOTE=Dex;69496]thats Luke in a year lol[/QUOTE]

I HATE YOU!!!!  

03 Jul 2008 22:44
Why the hostility baby?  

07 Jul 2008 20:35
What did he do to get so large ? Inplants or drugs?  

08 Jul 2008 10:21

09 Jul 2008 03:21
If you wasnt such a gentle lover you would be out of my life in a heartbeat.  

28 Jul 2008 02:35
ha ha little bump there i think his arm is prego lmao  

28 Jul 2008 20:56
OK I have been around working out/diets a long time. BUT I am damn near totally a newbie on the gear side, is this Synthol the gear used for like direct muscle injections or somthing?...... btw... these guys are ugly as s*it... why would you do that to yourself  

07 Aug 2008 02:22
Bro, dont enen worry about it.  

07 Aug 2008 04:31
[QUOTE=csyflt;88927]Bro, dont enen worry about it.[/QUOTE]

was that to my question about the drug, or why would he do that to himself? lol  

07 Aug 2008 10:14
Both, Hes an idiot!  

07 Aug 2008 13:07
[QUOTE=csyflt;88933]Both, Hes an idiot![/QUOTE]

agreed 110%  

07 Aug 2008 20:15

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