Help me with my diet please.

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Hi guys,

I am 5ft 8 and 180lbs, and I am pretty fat. I am trying to lose weight and get in good shape, but I need a bit of help with my diet. Here is my current diet, could you please help me out:

8AM Breakfast: Weetabix. 200kcal

11AM Snack: Protein Bar. 160kcal

2PM Lunch: Cheese Sandwhich. 400kcal

4PM Pre-workout: 5g Creatine

5:30PM(ish) Post-workout: 100g Recovery Drink. 360kcal

6PM Dinner: Lean meat with vegetables or rice

7PM Snack: Whatever snack there is in my cupboard under 100 kcal.

Total Kcal: About 1800.

That's just a typical day, it changes around a bit but that's roughly the same.

Can you give me some advice.  

18 May 2009 01:04
The question is, how long have you been on this food plan and what kind of results have you experienced. Providing nutritional advice is much more involved than just looking at someone's food intake. To be effective, we would need to know much more.  

04 Jun 2009 03:56

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