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Ok folks, I know you all get a lot of these same questions so let me appologize in advance. Here is a little background. I am 26 yr old male. I am 5'8" tall. At one point I was really into training and nutrition. I competed in a teen bodybuilding competition when I was 18 and did great. I weighed 165 kbs at the time cut down (started at 182). However, preparing for the show, I cycled my carbs a lot to shred up. I feel like this kind of screwed me up. Afterwards, no matter what I ate, i just packed on the fat. Granted, I let myself go when I went off to college, although I dieted several times with no success. Anyways, two years ago, I weighed 261 pounds, and was terribly obese. I lifted weights but ate like crap and looked like a fat, swolen tick.


Anyways, I started eating right (6 smaller meals, watching my total calorie intake each day). After a year of working out 6 days a week and eating right, I was back down to 182 lbs.


However, once I got to this point, I have conpletely haulted. My gut is still flabby as crap all though my chest, arms and legs are all toned out really well. I am really happy with my progress, but I would like to finish things off. I watch my nutrition very closely, and I have added a good deal of muscle. I now weigh ~190, but my stomach compostion has not really changed. it has always been where I carried most of my weight. I mean, first thing in the morning when I am pretty dry I can barely make out the definition around my top 2 abs. Other than that, I got nothing.

So, here is what I am doing. Right now I work out first thing in the morning (weights) because that is all I can really fit in. I do martial arts 2 nights a week, and 30-60 minutes of cardio twice a week. I eat around 2000 calories a day and try to get at least 1 gram of Protein per pound of body weight. I am pretty busy during the day so to get meals I tend to eat protein bars and other quick things and don't see changing that much. here is a typical day.


NO Explode
2.5 g glutamine


Immediately post workout
2.5 g Glutamine

About 30 minutes later (Breakfast)
4 servings egg beaters
2 pieces 40 calorie whole grain toast

Meal 2

Non fat yogart
Portein Sake

Meal 3

Protein bar

Meal 4 (lunch)
Cup of rice
6-8 oz chicken breast
little bit of cheese

meal 5 (dinner)

6-8 oz of chicken or other low fat meat
green vegetables or sweet potato

Meal 6

Protein shake
tbsp peanut butter

As I said, I am at about 2000 calories a day, and get 1 gram protein per pound. I eat every 2.5 to 3 hours.

What am I missing?  

11 May 2009 18:18
hey Jason,

I'm a newbie too, but you sound like you have your diet pretty sorted! And congratulations for getting back down to a healthy weight and lifestyle, that's a great start.
The only suggestion i have is perhaps try doing your cardio sessions in the morning before eating, if you don't already? Also, i find that if i start a session with HIIT interval training for 10-15 mins I burn a lot more in total, and really feel like my metabolism is revved afterwards too. If nothing else, it makes the cardio sesison go faster anyway! Good luck and hopefully some of the pros can give you useful pointers!  

26 Jul 2009 05:33
Really you have done a great job and thanks for sharing this information with all of us. It will help every one here.  

06 Aug 2009 22:09
your diet sounds good to me - if you have been dieting for a long time (and i know this sounds odd) but maybe a bulk would do you good - the hormones release during a diet phase a released to help you keep fat (because your body think thats there isn't any food) - if you've been dieting for a while your body will hold on to as much fat as possible

a bulk will allow you hormones to switch, meaning next time you diet you will make some real good progress

Also someting i heard once from jay cutler - when he was dieting for mr olympia - he said just 20mins of low intensity cardio before breakfast skyrocketed his metabolism. maybe try some of that?  

20 Oct 2009 22:00

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