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I eat a lot of tuna salads for the protein content. I typically mix mine with sliced celery, onions, miracle whip and paprika.

I know that the miracle whip probably isn't the healthiest part of the mix. I'm wondering what other people use to mix with their tuna to keep it low on fat.



28 Apr 2009 15:52
I haven't done this in awhile, but at one point I used to mix mustard.
The yellow mustard too. It was actually pretty good. Now I get the premade packets, the ones that are seasoned and they are good to go right out of the pack. Starkist makes one called.... hmm... crud i can't remember it. There is lemon, hickory smoke and one other that is really really good!!  

28 Apr 2009 21:59
I eat tuna right out of the can.  

29 Apr 2009 04:05
I mix tuna with sweetcorn, a little english mustard, and sometimes a little mayo (low fat).

throw in some red peppers and it tastes amazing. Also I throw in some new potatoes I need the carbs.  

10 May 2009 11:33
yes to the mustard... doesnt take much though....  

10 May 2009 21:23
i sometimes mix my tuna with rice wine vinegar and put on a lettuce and eat it that way  

29 May 2009 23:33
The key is to learn to enjoy the natural flovor of tuna, possibly with a bit of lemon juice. After a while, you'll enjoy eating it right out of the can. Seriously.  

03 Jun 2009 05:29

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