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Hey i've been a member for some years, but havn't posted in quite a long time, yet still check the forums every now and then.
Basically, i've been playing rugby competitively for about 6 years now but, as im reaching the end of university, my final 5 weeks, i won't be playing rugby again as i look to move location in search of a job in London. It'll be tough to give up the sport, but over the years i've prefered the weight training aspects to rugby anyway.

I understand the importance of attaining a plateau, and i'm sure i'm reaching this target as my weight gaining and overall strength has stopped for the last 6months, and i find this a real kick in the teeth no matter how hard i push myself in the gym.

Basic Stats and Figures:
I'm 110kgs (243lbs), 1.84cm and 21 years old.
Been weight training for 4 and a half years.

I have never done a cycle of gear before but have done alot of research behind the world of steroids, and not all of it online.
I'm basically looking to gain size and definition in my back and quads to give my body more of that V-shape.

Any ideas of a first cycle or general response would be great. thanks.


22 Apr 2009 01:01
whats your body fat percentage at bro? at 21 i woudl still wait a few years before anything.... up your wide grip chins and start working muscle specific lifts for your goals etc.  

22 Apr 2009 21:38
I agree with AB! Change the way you lift and see where that gets you bro!  

23 Apr 2009 23:59
good advice guys. i dont know my body fat percentage at the mo but i can find out when im in gym tomorrow.
taking gear isn't something im just gonna walk into and i understand the life changing circumstances it may bring.
im 22 in May and was looking to be taking gear when uni is fully finished so anytime from early July.
until then i'll take any advice on improving my lifts making gear the last avaliable option, i know many guys that use gear from a young age and it still seems like an easy way out for many people. im all for heavy strict lifting and the importance of dieting over use of gear.
cheers for the feedback

also, A.B clear ur inbox Smile cheers  

24 Apr 2009 04:36

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