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Protein Powder is not available in my country in SE Asia. No one keeps its stock. ...cuz no one here knows what the hell is it. The only thing available that comes closes to a protein powder is ENSURE (powde/liquid) and Sustagen Sports. Are these two OK for my post-workout meal? What about plain buttermilk?  

27 Nov 2004 11:18
plz plz plz reply any one quick.......  

27 Nov 2004 11:22
Well theres alot of alternatives you may have access to.Powder protein is the best of course.But milk can have up to 8gms of protein per glass.The ensure is OK if thats all you have but the sugars in those are what you don't want.  

27 Nov 2004 17:26
There is also companies that sell protein powder over the net.Just look for one and see if they ship to your country.  

27 Nov 2004 17:27
Thnx. Actually protein powder on net are bit expensive ie about 40-50$ which i cannot afford if i convert $ curreny to Rupees currency. regarding Ensure i am not concerned about sugar because im a skinny chap ie 50 kg @ height 5'4"
I wud like some coment on Sustagen sports  

28 Nov 2004 15:10
Hey bro,check these ppl out.They have great prices on their protein:  

02 Dec 2004 21:37
this sounds like a business oppertunity to me... :D  

15 Dec 2004 23:38
just go online and find protein powder. It is relitively cheap. Also, you can see if you can find any protein powder sites online from a country near you, IE Austrailia/newzealand or somewhere closer rather then the US  

26 Jan 2005 16:47
[QUOTE=A.B]this sounds like a business oppertunity to me... :D[/QUOTE]
I have a few goats on my farm..........we can split the profits.  

27 Jan 2005 18:19

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