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Last year I took a 10 week cycle of sustanon 250 250mg a week along with dbol at 25mg a day for 5 weeks. Which was my second cycle (first winstrol depot)

I have in my hands
40ml of winstrol depot
30ml of tren acetate
100tabs of clenbuterol 40mcg
100tabs of cytomel 80mcg
10ml of test ethanate
100 tabs tamo 20mg
30 tabs of clomid 50mg

Stats: around 5'9, 5'10 16% bf
been training hard for 4 to 5 years.
As much insight as I can...Thanks guys  

04 Apr 2009 08:59
ummm..... ya? There's no question. I assuming you want to do another cycle. You need more test. Sustanon acts like along ester you should have ran your last cycle at least 10wks you wouldn't have even felt the full effect of the test until about week 5.  

04 Apr 2009 16:58
Well I did take a 10 week cycle of sustanon it worked out pretty well. If im not mistaken Test Ethanate is a long acting ester, correct me if im wrong. I just need opinions on how to run this cycle  

04 Apr 2009 21:31
Test enanthate is a long ester but you should be running 500mg a week for at least 10wks. I'm not sure of your goals. the aas you have I wouldn't recommend running together without getting some more. You have winny, tren a, and test e. If you are wanting to run the tren a I'd say get some prop. If you want to use the test e then you need more. It doesn't make sense to run test e with tren a because you'd have to go EOD with the tren a and the test e would be 2x a week, and you'd have to wait until about week 4 or 5 to start the tren a because that's when the test e would be kicking in. Winny you've had experience with but I think it's hell on the joints and wouldn't bother unless you are doing a comp.  

05 Apr 2009 02:00
Well I have this in hand. so this is what i have to work with :/ I have enough test to run 500mg a week for 6 weeks. then I was going to run tren 75mg a day for 4 weeks. Im just looking for some insight on how to make what i have work  

05 Apr 2009 09:07
Geez all that gear and no idea how to use it...What you have is gear for a contest cycle so unless you plan to suffer and get down to 6-7% bf that means you will have to figure out how to eat right which is a lot harder then figuring out how to stick gear in you then why did you buy all that shit?  

05 Apr 2009 19:24
I have an mma fight coming up in 3 months. im trying to get ready. I understand Im going to make some major changes in my lifestyle  

06 Apr 2009 06:38
why dont you do a search on here for cycles?theres alot to read and honestly you need to do alot of the reading first.5 weeks is nothing for test e and if i read it correctly,you want to do test e and then run tren a but not together? bad idea  

06 Apr 2009 15:11
i actually dont have any test. I was considering buying some. but I could if i really needed to
I have enough gear to run tren A 75mg everyday for 7 weeks. winnie 25mg everyday for 5 weeks. and clen and cytomel  

07 Apr 2009 04:04
you need test  

07 Apr 2009 07:59
Why? many others that I know of have ran tren alone  

07 Apr 2009 08:03
Only because of libido issues ?  

07 Apr 2009 08:09
so it dosnt mean they made the right choice...boils down to are you going to be smart and get blood work done or will you be stupid and just take shit and not know what it is doing to your endo test,cholesterol,blood pressure etc etc...Good luck.  

07 Apr 2009 22:36
I understand. Im getting blood work done in 2 weeks and I will again a week after my cycle  

08 Apr 2009 02:24

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