Nalgene filters always crack!

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Hey guys. This is my first post! Yeah for me.. Anyways besides introducing myself, I'd like to know if you are having the same problems as me. When I brew my stuff, the top and bottom of my Nalgene filters get very fine fractures while filtering.. I only pump my pump to about 5-6psi. If I don't bottle my stuff right away, it will slowly leak out of the fine cracks.. Am I the only one.. can someone suggest a higher quality filtering set up?

Thanks in advanced.  

27 Mar 2009 00:45
Well I'm not familiar with nalgene filters sounds like you have a good set up with pump, not just using syringe filters and getting sore thumbs. Anyway, I'd see what 'whatman filters' have available I know they have just syringe filters but they might have other types available.  

27 Mar 2009 02:10

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