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is there a quick way to tell if this is real or fake just by the label. i never heard of gro-tek biocorp.




25 Mar 2009 22:27
never heard or seen of them ever. Doesn't mean they aren't legit just not well known.  

26 Mar 2009 01:21
ive always been told if you put a small amount on your tongue and it taste toxic than its good. but if it doesnt than its cooking oil some bull like that.

what do you think. can a simple taste test really tell if its legite.  

26 Mar 2009 01:28
thats not true bro. and I would research that product.  

26 Mar 2009 02:49
I've never heard of it - it's likely a scam.  

30 May 2009 07:56
well after 6 weeks of use and no results. i have stoped using it and tossed it in the trash.

apparently instead of making 100% real gear or atleast even descent... its contains about 10% quality and 90% trash.

so to the maker(s) of biocorp..... you effin suck and i hope you get what you got coming to you.

i feel like ive done good with the diet and training and i will continue stay on that program.

i guess the only way to get good quality gear is to order it online from somewhere overseas and hope you get it through customes.  

08 Jun 2009 21:22
you wouldn't have felt anything until about week 4 with susta it acts like a long ester. 6 wks you should have seen something  

09 Jun 2009 16:13
after about 4 weeks i noticed i was getting stronger and had put on about 3 pounds. i give my diet and training credit for that. then by week 6 i had not gained anymore or gotten any stronger. i had 3 bottles of the stuff so i gave one to friend who is a doctor and has access to labs and other people. he took a bottle to work sent it into the lab. guess what he said when he called me with the good news. " hey man this stuff is trash" it actually contained roughly ten percent of quality gear and then the bottley is filled with whatever oil that looks like sustanon would.

maybe i just got a bad batch but highly doubt that if i did,, nobody else did..

f'u gro tek biocorp, your name is worthless:fu:  

10 Jun 2009 17:07
What does toxic taste like? Normal scam buy some of these guys they make a batch and then add in 10c the normal oil amount so they get 10x the yield..So instead of like a 50 bottle batch they get 500...  

11 Jun 2009 19:52
I'm new to bbforums and I like what I see so far. Saying that, I have been buying Gro-Tek from a local. After 10 weeks of stacking 2 different ones... I have gained 26 lbs of some pretty tough muscle. I am a huge believer in this stuff. I can't imagine how I would have turned out if I had been strict on my lifting. He said that it was local stuff, but who knows. I'm a year new to this world.  

30 Dec 2009 06:37

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