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i have been taking super pump 250 for about a month and a half, and i have not seen to much improvement. i know building mass takes time. i am eighteen years old, and am wondering if i am taking something that is good, or if i should be taking something different. can anyone help me. is there something better i should be taking. i lift four days a week, and eat about 6 meals a day. plz help  

24 Mar 2009 01:05
are you taking protein and a post workout like creatine and glutamine  

23 Apr 2009 17:47
SuperPump 250 is a great pre-workout supplement but it's not the only supplement you should have to grow, it will give you energy for your workout and has a small aout of creatine but not enough to have a drastic muscle increase. If you want to build muscle it is as much a question of diet as training. First you need to eat at least a minimum of proteins. The strict minimum is 1 gram of protein for each poud you weigh. For example my bare minimum would be 198 grams of protein since I weigh 198 pounds. Ideally I would suggest 1.5 gram of protein for each pound. So include protein in you diet (chicken, turkey, 1% milk, Greek yogurt, ect...)

As for the supplements to help you grow you should buy Protein powder, creatine mono, ZMA's, glutamine and BCAA's.

My recommendation:

Start your day with a protein shake before breakfast. In this shake add 5 grams of glutamine and another 5 grams of BCAA's. Have another shake in the afternoon with another 5 grams of glutamine. Have a third shake right after your weight training with an addition of 5 grams of glutamine and another 5 grams of BCAA's + 5 grams of creatine monohydrate.

As for the SuperPump take it 45 minutes before your training, start with one scoop.

ZMA should be taken 1/2 hour before you go to bed.

The product I recommend and that I take or have taken:
AllWhey from Allmax, 25 grams of protein per scoop (I take now)
IsoFlex from Allmax, 27 grams of protein per scoop (I've taken in the past)
Myofusion from Gaspari, 25 grams of protein per scoop (I've taken in the past)
any BCAA's, it's much the same from one brand to another
any glutamine it's much the same from one brand to another
ZMA any brand
Creatine monohydrate, I like the allmax one. With your creatine you could always add Waxy maize to help absorb the creatine.

So this what I propose, hope it helped  

06 Jan 2010 03:19
You should also plan to eat every two hours, small meals/snaks  

06 Jan 2010 04:21

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