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What is a good diet to follow for some one who has a hard time losing weight? I work two jobs. the first job i work 7am-4pm and the second job is an inventory job and work all kind hours and i do now have access to an ice box  

23 Mar 2009 03:16
just keep it clean bro. Low fats and low carbs. High in protein!  

23 Mar 2009 04:18
do i have to follow a time schedule or can i eat at any time.  

23 Mar 2009 07:20
I would eat every 2-3hrs  

24 Mar 2009 03:13
i understand that i need to eat every two to three hours but whith my job that i do not have a set schedule for work i do not get a break to where i can eat every two to three hours and i can't hae food on me so what do you suggest but with the other job that i do hae a set schedule i can eat every two to three hours.  

24 Mar 2009 23:20
A well-planned diet is essential to maintain good health. There should be right amount of proteins, vitamins and carbohydrates in food intake. A little bit of exercise will help, but do not overdo it.  

09 Apr 2009 14:54

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