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Hello everyone, I just have a question about my chest. I have been lifting for 4 years (power lifting) and my chest has grown to be quite thick.. But my pecs seem to be spaced apart more than i'd like.. and the pectoral feels somewhat rounded from sternum to armpit. I've been working on flys and dips trying to widen my pecs. am i going about this correctly?  

11 Mar 2009 05:13
sounds like your doing everything right. In a way your genetics are getting the best of you. I have been training for about 6 years now, and i have a very similar situation as yourself. Wide grip bench will help build out the width a lot. good luck!  

11 Mar 2009 05:38
thanks bro.. simple answers always explain alot =)  

11 Mar 2009 05:39
I your chest is that big and powerful, but still kinda far apart, I don't think that is a development issue. It sounds like that's just the way your pecs are structured. My buddies were like that, and he did flies all day trying to fill in the middle. It just made the between gap more prominent though :aah:  

17 Mar 2009 23:40

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