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free style 666
i want to know what everyone think about my first cycle
100 tabs of winstrol 50mg each cap toatal of 4 a day plus sustanon 250 1cc every2days plus IGF-1 .3cc every 3 days now i am 195 ,i start a week ago and i already gain 1 inch of bicep  

08 Mar 2009 05:16
What are your goals and how old are you?  

08 Mar 2009 17:53
this is your first cycle?? are you trying to kill yourself? 200mg of winny a day.better put a liver on layaway man.also way too much test for a first cycle.stop everything now and research  

09 Mar 2009 18:03
1 inch on your bicep huh all in one week...Wow  

10 Mar 2009 02:10
Thats funny man!  

10 Mar 2009 02:53
I like what BNR said, "you better put a liver on lay away". Ha isn't that the truth. Why again are you doing this for your 1st cycle.  

11 Mar 2009 18:06

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