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I am under the advice that I should be taking Clomid at the end of my cycle, 10 days after my last shot of TEST and DECA-is what I am on). Should I take the clomid for 2 weeks at 50mg per day?  

06 Mar 2009 18:23
Big Bloke
I think clomid is useless and a waste of money. you should be more worried about your hormones, take nolvadex throughout your course and pregnyl after. my mates who compete only have clomid every third cycle.  

19 Mar 2009 08:04
It is not useless it just has a love hate relationship...Best to take HCG during your cycle every 4 weeks at 500iu a day split into an am/pm dose..Then post cycle you can try clomid and nolva and you can also do an OTC test booster.  

19 Mar 2009 16:34
hcg just as storm said.never use it during pct.whats wrong with clomid,it brings out my sensitive side  

19 Mar 2009 17:45
so I should not do nolvadex after my cycle? I was doing some research and it seems that Nolva has a higher potency level, so you do't have to take as much to have the same affect as the clomid.

anyway i am at week 4 1/2. I am going to ask the guy what he has available.
i know i should have done this already but he comes trhough rather wuickly and I wanted see what you guys thought.  

22 Mar 2009 06:09
you should run clomid and nolva together  

22 Mar 2009 14:41
usual clomid dose is 300mg day one, 200mg day 2 ,100mg for a week 50 mg for a week.  

22 Mar 2009 21:09
thanks. I am at week 8. can I wait until the end of my 12 week cycle to start the clomid. It is expensive. Or should I start immediately. also, one last question. When you do a 12 week cycle. how long should you be off before starting another 12 week cycle and how long can one do this. I don't do this for size or strength. It really just helps me train everyday and not be too sore to train after a tough session and I never get sick(knock on wood). I have more energy at work and yes of course my muscles are more solid. My only negative is that when I am punching my muscles get too much of a pump and I cannot sustain my regular punching speed as before. thanks  

19 Apr 2009 15:53
Sounds good!  

24 Aug 2009 21:21

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