No idea as to where to START!!

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Here is the stats first off:
Been working out on and off for 2 years...Im looking to get around 200/210. It's damn near impossible to gain weight, been at 180 now for 4 years. I have been reading and everything says this will work and that will work. I have no idea as to where to even begin to start. Any advice, or where to get stuff would be greatly appreciated.  

04 Mar 2009 07:45
Make sure your eating 300-350g of protein EVERYDAY and train your ass off smart..99% dont eat enough and are consistent with it..Everyday means you eat those most food you bragged about eating but you do that everyday..Not 1-2x a week.  

04 Mar 2009 07:49
I eat at least 7 meals a day. calories and protein are up there not sure as to how much, but a lot.  

04 Mar 2009 07:54
What are you eating everyday bro?  

04 Mar 2009 17:00
start counting your calories and protein.most think they are eating enough until they count it.  

04 Mar 2009 23:30

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