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Im starting my first cycle,a 10 week cycle, 250mg test E/week, 500mg EQ/week, and 30mg winni/day with high protien low carb diet. Nolvadex during the end of cycle and into post at 20mg/day and Clenbuterol 8 weeks after. what are your thoughts??  

16 Feb 2009 19:06
I moved your post and started a new one for you. Personally I'd bump the test up to 500mg every week. drop the winny all together most likely. What are you current stats? What are your goals?  

16 Feb 2009 23:34
bump JC. up your test to 500  

16 Feb 2009 23:35
first cycle should be a bulker,drop the winny and up the carbs.
if you need to slim down,do that first then do your first cycle  

16 Feb 2009 23:40
Thanx for the ideas, im gonna drop the winni. Im in the navy and am about to go to diver school. thats why im using EQ to up run time and swim time. test to bulk up a little. Im 5'9
' 185lbs and i need to add good wieght. what do you guys think about the pct?  

19 Feb 2009 18:21
the EQ is out due to my guy trying to rip me off on the price. Ive decided instead to use winni (liquid) for the last 6 weeks at 50mg/day. So Im looking at 500mg/wk Test E for 10 weeks adding Winni for the last 6 weeks, PCT looking like clomid 100/100/50/50 and Noveldex 40/40/20/20. What do you guys think?  

21 Feb 2009 12:04
Stop posting in different threads about this cycle. It confuses the shit out of people.

As for the winny I wouldn't bother with it. EQ was a great idea since it increases the red blood cells so much. There are more questions from newbies about winny and deca then any other drug just because they are so well known, but honestly winny is nothing special and most don't use it correctly it's more of a contest prep drug dries you out so you get sore joints. If the eq is out then just go with test (long ester). Also PCT is the most important part so you better have that lined out and have ancillaries on hand.  

21 Feb 2009 21:08
Thanks a lot for the knowledge. Ill just run test and keep you posted on how it goes. What do you think about my PCT? Ive heard a lot about HCG, should I include this or would it be unnecessary? Appreciate the knowledge guys, thanx  

22 Feb 2009 17:32
before you start have your pct lined out. If you have HCG I would run it.  

22 Feb 2009 22:19

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