looking for a bedtime protein shake

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i've just ran out of muscle milk and thinking about ON's Caseins for a night time shake.... let me know what you guys think would be a good one...  

11 Feb 2009 19:33
Usn Pure Protein is pretty good, or try Reflex Peptide Fusion. Had good results from both, but the Usn stuff mixes up a lot smoother. Enjoy  

13 Feb 2009 00:28
100% Casein is a highly rated product, but also take a look at Optimum's Nitro Core 24 or BSN's Syntha-6  

13 Feb 2009 19:05
Cottage cheese! Failing that, get yourself ON Casein.

I've personally never invested in casein, since the majority of the protein in milk is casein anyway.

I personally just eat a can of tuna and some cottage cheese with PB every night before bed.  

27 Apr 2009 17:58
You can take some olive oil before any type of protein and slow the digestion of it making it a bedtime protein..  

27 Apr 2009 19:54
I've tried Syntha-6 and it worked really well for me.  

15 Aug 2009 03:55
I take ON casein and it works great. Never wake up hungry anymore.  

28 Aug 2009 07:50

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