green beans?

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i really like green beans and wondering if it (1.75 cups) is a decent carb source for 2nd 3rd and 4meals

2nd meal is usually 3-4 Xlarge boiled egs and grean beans maybe a little cottage cheese...

3rd meal maybe a large 8-10oz chicken breast and 1.75 cups grean beans or a salad and a double burger

4th is beef jerky or eggs again and maybe a little peanut butter and popcorn.
(4th meal is usually my pre workout meal.)

what do you guys think about that?  

06 Feb 2009 18:12
what are you goals and stats?  

24 Feb 2009 07:31
Veggies are for nutrition and fiber...If that is your carb source, u will be weak...  

18 Mar 2009 06:53
Yeah you need more, thrown a slice of wheat bread in there or something. I've recently come down with gluten allergies which suck and have increased my veggie intake. Asparagus is my new favorite.  

13 Apr 2009 18:12
You're going to need complex carbs. You can't just eat green beans everyday.  

04 Jun 2009 04:08

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