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ok so i meet all the requirements for tryin a ECA stack and a friend did one a while back.. he took bronc aid from walmart for the ephedrine i'm assuming, and got some caffine pills and some jus regular asprin.. my question is.. whats the best source of ephedrine for me to get?? i've heard bronc aid, i've heard get it from a gas station, i thought that was fake ephedrine?? any help or suggestions would b greatly appreciated, thanks  

05 Feb 2009 00:58
wow guess how much help this site is....ZERO!! 2 posts and zero feedback!!  

06 Feb 2009 07:34
Then leave crybaby..It is a small board plenty of info on here sometimes you have to do some reading and research guess that isnt up your alley you want everything given to you..Freaking A what is up with all the little bitches coming out of the wood work??  

06 Feb 2009 08:02
O ok my bad, i must have been mistaken i thought this website was for ppl to ask questions and get educated answers from ppl that know what they are talking bout, and yes i've seen a lil bit of that but it seems that i see more roid ragin idiots arguing over who knows more bout something than helpin other ppl out!! PEACE  

06 Feb 2009 20:40
Again small board and you didnt even give it 24hrs so that pretty much makes you a spoiled bitch so feel free to go to a bigger more active board and try there we dont need little boys on this one plenty of people get plenty of help on here it just takes a little time which you dont have...WAR  

07 Feb 2009 01:29
regarding your question just straight ephedrine works best instead of buying into a name brand.... and secondly its been posted numerous times on this forum regarding brands. go to a bigger board and try to fit in...  

07 Feb 2009 04:18
Yea that was hard to do....  

07 Feb 2009 04:23
Dude you can be mad at storm!!!!!!!!!! Like he said give it a little bit of time. Dont down the site cause you dont get a reply right off the bat!!! I have learned more from these guys than I have anywhere else.  

07 Feb 2009 05:29
k thanks for the info, i haven't seen very much info on here bout eca stacks, i looked at the bottom of the page for related posts and didn't have any luck.. storm- the link u put in ur post didn't come up it jus said sorry no matches. jus keep in mind guys that alot of the ppl on here leavin post are newbies and don't know there a$$ from a whole in the ground and yea i don't know that much either but i am researching on here and learning take it easy on em. have ya'll noticed that the posts w/ the most replies on them are the ones w/ ppl fighting?? thats jus ridiculous.. thanks again  

07 Feb 2009 06:59
Just go to t e search button and put in ephedrine new info has probably been added is why the link died..ALL BOARDS have fighting everyday so keep that in mind sorry but act stupid get stupid.  

07 Feb 2009 08:03

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