am i eating right!!!!

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Hi, not been on for a while... 16 months actually, and really let myself go, need to get the muscle back but lose the weight. It aint easy i know, :banghead:

My diet is as follows;-
7am oats made with water scoop of protein mixed
10am two chicken breasts protein shake
lunch lean mince fried with peppers onions garlic half tin tomotoes touch of mustard
3-4pm tin of tuna, sea food medley (prawns, squid, mussels) salt and vin.
6pm train (40 min cardio) 40 min weights
8pm protein shake
9pm large steak 2 fried eggs mushrooms and large salad
is this ok or am i doing something wrong. I'm fully focused and stuck to this last 2 weeks. Just want to know your thoughts Or anything i could add or take away.

Let me know thanks  

04 Feb 2009 20:06
You need protein and carbs in each meal/snack. Not one or the other.

7am more protein
10am too much protein no carbs
lunch no protein?

See what Im sayin?

What kind of steak are you eating?  

04 Feb 2009 21:29
rump or fillet mate  

05 Feb 2009 14:06
his there no protein in lean mince???? why eat more carbs if i want to lose the fat and weight  

05 Feb 2009 14:09
lil bit
Your body needs the carbs to support muscle growth and glycogen stores, both fast and slow digesting carbs. You don't give your body what it needs to support the muscle, you burn it instead of fat, which also decreases your metabolism. You don't eat fibrous carbs, well, your digestive tract ends up like an LA freeway around rushhour.

Here's a link with a bit more scientific breakdown:

Does that help?  

05 Feb 2009 20:04
not sure what mince is?  

05 Feb 2009 20:19
lil bit
I think he means mincemeat?

Mincemeat is a mixture of chopped dried fruit, distilled spirits and spices, and sometimes beef suet, beef, or venison[citation needed]. Originally, mincemeat always contained meat.[citation needed] Many modern recipes contain beef suet, though vegetable shortening is sometimes used in its place. Mincemeat, and similar variants are found in the UK, Ireland, Brittany, northern Europe, as well as the United States and Canada. It should not be confused with minced or ground meat.

It has some carbs, but it's in the midday meal, and no carbs are listed pre or post workout....  

05 Feb 2009 20:56
Yeah, you need some carbs during the day to handle the evening workout. Even though you are trying to loose fat, you wont be ablt to build any muscle if you skimp THAT hard on the carbs. Your last meal is really late too, but I assume it's because of your workout schedule. You are having too much fat with those fried eggs. I'd add just a little bit of carbs with dinner too. You don't have any after your workout, and your glycogen is probably down to nothing.  

17 Mar 2009 23:05

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