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hey guys just wanted to say hi. im 18 just started working out again and want to slim down and cut up. im currently 178 pound 20% body fat wanting to get doen to at least 5-7 percent. i know its goint to be rough but im willing. i'm taking anabol cuts,t-7,iso extreme,and vitacell. and so far i feal good. but i want that v look and any good avdice would be appreciated. thanks. by the way my names martin. but you can call me footee. thats my nickname  

04 Feb 2009 13:09

07 Feb 2009 01:30
you will love this board bro!!!  

07 Feb 2009 05:26
Welcome bro. Just remember to research abit before asking questions. Just from my experience, researching and reading for five minutes gives you way more info on a questionable subject than asking on this forum. We are more than glad to help out of course if you are still confused of can't find the info.Smile  

07 Feb 2009 22:56

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