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Whats up everyone. I will be competing in a show on the 29th of Aug. It is hosted with the INBA, so its a natural comp.

I have been taking a little while to improve on my thickness. I am 5'7'', 344lbs and body fat is just at 31%. I can post measurements, but those will change, and I could honestly care less about them. I havent seen a judge with a measuring tape yet! HAHA If anyone wants to know though, I will post.

I know the body fat is high, but after 32 weeks of a 50/30/20 split, and wicked training and cardio sessions, I am not too worried. I have done it befoe coming down from 28%.

I am running cardio right now, this week I mean, and am at 240 minutes/week. Each week will increase by 10 minutes until I hit about week 8 and will be upwards of 450/week. Got the cardio routine from a local pro, Mike Valentino. Has some of the best conditioning I have ever seen.

Just looking to keep a nice log on here for anyone who wants to follow. Will post an older bulked up, or fatter pic. Hope you guys enjoy. Have to resize the photo I guess, so I will do that later. Peace.  

04 Feb 2009 06:50
Hmmm really Mike huh I have his number right here in my phone as I know him pretty well..So if your saying he is local then you must live in Wilmington right? Those are some amazing stats care to elaborate how and why you think you will get a natural pro card with 344lbs being a starting point?  

04 Feb 2009 07:17
Ya, I have known Mike for a while. Golds was the first gym I came to when I moved up here. He is a great guy. I saw chad and him working out one day, and almost died. They are both huge...and you are rather a freaking monster yourself. I have followed your placings b/c your a local guy...your physique is sick!

Yes, I am local as well too. I have Drew over at Long Leaf helping me out with the diet. I have known him also for a while. Just trying to put everything together and get it rolling.

Well, my stats are nothing amazing, just have ok genetics. I have way more fat than I want, but I always seem to put on great muscle while I put on fat. Just just caught up in it this time. Went overboard, now having to diet for atleast that long.

To answer your how question: I plan on running the diet and cardio just as planned, making changes when needed. Hoping to drop around 3lbs/week which will put me right at my goal. As long as I follow strictly to it, there is no other option but to lose the weight.

As to the why: The organization that I am competing in, the INBA, doesnt have too many guys that compete over the 200lb mark. If they do, they are prob. professional. Grant it, it is way different than the NPC where there are some true monsters. I just wanted to go into the INBA shooting for my pro card, b/c it puts me on a more level playing field than hopping into the big NPC shows around here like States or Quincy's show. I plan on doing the Golds in 2010, but want some natural shows under my belt before I hop in that arena. The INBA is still the largest natural organization worldwide, just doesnt offer the mass monsters like the NPC. So, with my height being just at 5'7'', the president said most competitors are coming in around 168-176lbs. I figure coming in at where I am hoping, that my conditioning needs to be spot on, but my overall size should help as well.  

04 Feb 2009 19:54
I am not flaming you here but are you sure your 31% bf done by a professional with skin calipers? That would have your lean mass at 237lbs on a 5'7 frame there is no way you could diet down past 240lbs bro and you would be huge in a natty show..Just doesnt make sense....Hell I am over 250 and getting ready for the metrolina and jr usa and I will be on stage around 230 and I am 6'..

I juts dont see how you getting to 344 at your height is healthy and then you plan to lose well over 100lbs to get o stage? I help prep guys and girls for shows also I just dont see how you going to get down that far in the allotted time..  

04 Feb 2009 23:49
Oh and BTW you at 220lbs in condition on any stage is huge.  

04 Feb 2009 23:51
No bro, dont take it is flaming at all. I got my body fat done three weeks ago via underwater testing. It measured me at 33.5%. I went home and testing with the omniron tester, and it was just about .7% off to the lower. I used that as a baseline, and just watch the bodyfat every 2 weeks. I use the mirror a lot right now.

I figured since I am bigger this time dieting down, that I was planning on losing abotu 5-8lbs of muscle. Just figured that into the equation.

You look awesome, but you are also older and more seasoned. This will be the first show for me to walk on stage. I never put my mind to dieting down past like 11%. I am determined now to do it.

I was worried about the weight too, so I went to the doctor this morning to get a check up. Only thing the doc said was my bp was 133/83. So a little high, but I am working on it.

Believe me, I wanted to put on weight, but I wasnt planning on getting this big. I was just enjoying days of 700 carbs too much I guess...Smile So healthy, not at all. I am changing the lifestyle and not wanted to be over like 10-11% body fat in the offseason. As far as losing the weight, I plan with 3lbs/week, but honestly if by like week 28 I am not where I feel I need to be, I wont compete. My goal of course is to win, but if I lose 85% of the weight but dont feel ready to compete, I still win. I atleast dont carry the weight around, even though my joints and heartrate are fine. Not the smartest thing I have ever done, but live and learn.

You can ask Drew when you see him about my size. I feel he is typically real honest with me. I know I have fat, but that will eventually go away, be it 32 weeks or 48 weeks. I am just happy I have the mindset to lose it. I am working with him on this diet and really trying to nail it. I mean, in no way, shape or form am I bragging about my body. I just hope that when I get down I will look good.

BTW, you look like Valentino in your most muscular shot!  

05 Feb 2009 03:26
Well good luck with all of it I have a posing clinic up here in Raleigh every year with my buddy who is a pro this will be our 3rd year doing it but it isnt until sept so just shy of your show..I will be seeing Mike at the state or maybe sooner a buddy of mine is moving to Wilmington so I will be down there helping him move in so have to grab a workout at Golds...Get to it bigman ya got work to do!  

05 Feb 2009 17:24
Thanks Storm! Ya man, I know I have a lot to do, but Im setting a goal to do it, so onward we go!

I will keep updates on here weekly, and hopefully I can look as half as sick as you do bro! killer physique!  

06 Feb 2009 01:20
Well, One week later and there has not been a change. Kind of strange though my cardio has not been where it needs to be. So, I am changing my routine up. I have a full gym at my house, but never thought I would be motivated to workout there. Had a great arm today and best of all, there were no distractions!

I am a little thrown off by not losing but 1% body fat over the course of 20 days. Seems I would be down almost 3...but perhaps I can equate that to only 5 total cardio sessions so far...I hate cardio, but hate fat more.

You guys have any thoughts about whats going on? maybe my body is just used to being bigger and its trying to hold on as much as possible...I feel like my carbs are good, but if I am sensitive, should I drop...I'm at about 240grams carbs day...  

11 Feb 2009 03:05
You dont have some one doing your prep? That is a touchy subject I tell anyone I help only listen to what I tell you..Start bouncing around with dif ideas and what other people say and you wont know what is working for you...Plain and simple to do it right and look your best on stage for guys it is 15% bf start point and 16 weeks of dieting unless you have several shows under your belt and have been on stage in true condition.  

11 Feb 2009 21:11
I agree Storm, thanks man. I have one guy, Drew @ Golds here who has competed before plenty of times. I have known him for a while, so he knows my body pretty well.

Now for the curve ball...I went to the dr's office last week to get checked up. Everything came back fine, but today I got the final results they were waiting for.

And the results are back...I am sporting test levels of just over 110...110!?!? Are you serious? So, I am finding out tomorrow what HRT I will get put on. All the Dr's were suprised at putting on any muscle or keeping what I have. They said that the levels being where they are would also affect dropping body fat, gaining muscle, blah blah blah. So I guess I will know tomorrow eh?

Would love to hear what you all think...and no jokes about me sporting a womans test level or that shit. I know its low...its not my fault Smile  

12 Feb 2009 04:41
Well that doesnt make sense you would have a test level like that and carry that much lean mass..So you have taken some pro hormones right? You had to of taken something to makes you endo test be that low but still have that much lean mass it would make zero sense if you didnt.  

14 Feb 2009 06:40
Thats what we are trying to figure out. The only thing that I have taken, which was when I was 19 was that dissolvable under the tongue andro from pinnacle back in the day. I ran that stuff for like 6 months, but that has been it. Never taken any AAS or anything else. Just glutamine and shit like that.

They could be concerned about my pit. gland, so I have an MRI in a few weeks, but all my other levels are fine, so they dont think it is that, just want to rule it out.

I never had any blood work done in the past, so I dont know if the test levels just recently dropped, or have been that low. I agree with you Storm, but I have no reason to lie about taking anything, just like I told my doctor. I just want to know what all is happening so I can fix it. Just worries me a tad about the whole pit thing.  

14 Feb 2009 17:17

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