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how do i cut out soda from my everyday life? is there an easy way  

27 Jan 2009 07:13
don't drink it... i use things like light apple juice for when i have a sweet craving. i just go take a pull from it and get my fix. then once you get off soda you probably wont go back  

27 Jan 2009 22:17
Yeah bro. The best way I think is to reduce little by little. Say you drink 4 to 5 cokes a day. reduce to 3 aday for a week or so. then reduce more after that. And if you can, keep it only on the weekends after a while until your comfortable not drinking at all. I did this with beer. Used to drink about 3beers aday for a few years. I strongly believe cokes are worse though. Pisses me off how much $ went down the toilet!!!K?zg?n  

27 Jan 2009 23:05
FYI carbonation slows your digestion.  

29 Jan 2009 20:24
i stopped drinking soda many years ago.if i try one now it burns my throat and tastes like ass  

29 Jan 2009 23:39
Once I found out that soda or coke was used in WW2 or WW1 to dip tank motors in to clean them out, it really spooked me! I also heard if you drop a penny in coke it would eat it up and disappear in a matter of days!!Sad It might have all been B.S. but it sure did work to keep me away from it for years  

29 Jan 2009 23:54
stop drinking soda and you will see weight loss in no time.  

10 Mar 2009 09:46
You must be very careful with fructose. Of course, corn syrup in sodas has high fructose corn syrup and regular table sugar is half fructose.

Read up on this: fructose raises uric acid levels and does many nasty things to the body including making you insulin resistant.

In addition, and this is what counts for putting on muscle: it (as can glucose spikes which drive up insulin) can lead to decreased Nitric Oxide output leading to less of a "pump". A little is okay for a young guy, but don't go crazy or it will hurt your routine.  

13 Mar 2009 15:54
I stopped drinking soda no problem...I haven't had a soda in about 2 years.  

15 Mar 2009 19:14
how do u guys do it man i tried but it is hard when my parents drink it everyday at home  

29 May 2009 23:36
Soda is o.k. as long as you just drink it for the flavor ( 1/2 can a day). If you are using it to quench your thirst, then you'll get in trouble.  

03 Jun 2009 00:58

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