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hey what is the best things to eat in order to get an awesome 6 pack?  

23 Jan 2009 05:22
hard work!  

24 Jan 2009 23:04
Pound your abs, and don't eat like ****.  

15 Mar 2009 19:15
Work Out Hard Eat Good Food  

29 Mar 2009 00:01
good luck with that ,i have to get rid of my damn beer belly before i can think of a 6 pack ,but time will tell.i am doing lots of cardio for now.  

30 Mar 2009 08:27
eat clean, high protein foods as close as possible to their natural state, e.g. meat, fish, salad or steamed veges. Take a good multivitamin or use a protein supplement that has vitamin and mineral boosts in it . Drink water not soda.
Bottom line though, if you burn more than you eat, the fat will go and the abs will come (eventually!)  

28 Jul 2009 01:38
hey pal..

a diet high on proteins and an appropriate workout is the key to ur goal, give it ur best shot n for sure u will achieve it..  

14 Sep 2009 08:43
for a 6pack it is not only the diet, you have to work out hard and do the right technique.  

15 Sep 2009 10:10
[QUOTE=S.W.A.T.;99040]for a 6pack it is not only the diet, you have to work out hard and do the right technique.[/QUOTE]

yeah a well made point...

a good workout is the key...  

26 Sep 2009 12:48
workout hard! I mean very hard. Its pretty difficult to get it quickly but you will get there by time.  

14 Oct 2009 13:59
Do 100 crunches every night (take a break after 50). Then do about 50 sit-ups and you should see results within a month or two.  

22 Feb 2010 14:36
workout hard!  

09 Mar 2010 12:28

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