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first time user
im thinking of doing a cycle of winny. although i have never used any gear before i am not agaist the idea (obivously) i have done some research and am pretty sure of what i should expect. the only thing i cant seem to find is how long it stays in your system. and since im in a tested competition in about four months it raises some concern. ohh and the cycle im thinking of isnt anything to crazy probably 4-6 weeks of a fairly low dose  

22 Jan 2009 09:15
Ok so what do you expect the winny to do for you?  

22 Jan 2009 09:50
i think you need to do more research.then you will find out you are going about this wrong.i dont understand the fad nowadays is for 1st cycle winny.years ago it was 1st cycle dbol only.then it was 1st cycle everyone wants to do a 1st cycle winny.what the hell is going on??  

22 Jan 2009 22:17
have youstarted the cycle yet. i was thinking of doing the same thing. or even ding HGH-somatropine instead or with the winstrol. anyway, let me know if it is working  

11 Feb 2009 18:47

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