pics taken today by me

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just an arm and maybe trap shot  

10 Jan 2009 01:09
Big is the man!!!!! Hey bro thanks for your advice and motivation. When I see pics of this man I feel good that he has helped me LOTS!!!!!!!!1  

10 Jan 2009 06:26
thanks bro.i feel better looking at the pics.for some reason i feel small when i look in a mirror though  

10 Jan 2009 06:57
Your not small bro. Keep up the great work  

12 Jan 2009 07:05
is that you really mate?makes me more interested in getting into shape!  

17 Dec 2009 10:13
Nice pic. Your traps are a bit hard to see. Arm is looking great! Congrats! Keep up the good work.  

17 Dec 2009 19:56
thanks girl.ill have some new pics in a few months.just started a new bulker  

20 Dec 2009 05:03
Looking forward to the pics.. I know you will do great!!!!  

20 Dec 2009 21:46

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