finally my wheels

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ok heres my legs pics.took em myself so they arent great pics.done cold with no pump  

07 Jan 2009 12:33
looking awesome... those calves, geez!  

07 Jan 2009 15:19
lil bit
Nice job darlin!  

07 Jan 2009 18:22
thanks cosmic and lil. i dont get to work em as hard as i would like cause i cant do squats with my herniated disks and all.and i workout at home so that leaves out leg presses.i am kinda lucky cause even with the minimal work i can do,my legs dont look like sticks at  

07 Jan 2009 20:29
awesome vascularity BNR! quads look very healthy as well  

08 Jan 2009 01:23
What a wuss! Just kidding bro. Legs looking really great! Keep it up man!!!!  

09 Jan 2009 16:23
hey man.reach me on messsenger when you can.i dont have a cell phone so cant text ya.hate phones  

09 Jan 2009 20:55
nice bro... no squats your blessed with good leg development  

09 Jan 2009 21:10
thanks AB. it is true,i just feel for my brother.he got my dads side.chicken  

10 Jan 2009 00:44
ok bro i will. but im with AB the wheels are great!!!!!!!!!!!!  

10 Jan 2009 06:23
looking great!!  

18 Jan 2009 11:41

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