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So im new to this Forum, and I want to take a cycle of Dbol.

My goals aren't to beef up and become completely stiff.

They are to gain mass and keep it on as well as maintain my speed.

This is a big prob b.c i got up to 240 at 10.2% fat and went down to 220 8% after running. WTF

Does anyone have suggestions as to how I should train from an Atheletic stand point to preserve my joints, and what to take for it?

Strength is not my problem I already squat over 500 and bench around 400.

What is the best stack im looking for if I should even take Dbol at all?

Im 21 yrs old.  

26 Dec 2008 01:18
Well first off you need to do some research try searching the forum for some keywords. I am glad you aren't set on running dbol cycle from the sounds of it. It's a shitty cycle, especially if you don't want to lose your gains because dbol gains are all water. For a first cycle testosterone a long ester (i.e. enanthate or cypionate) alone is a great nothing more needed, except for your PCT. Your diet and training will be the determining factor of your results if you want to keep your speed keep training for it. What are you training for if you don't mind me asking? Main thing is if you are going to the dark side educate yourself before you ever buy or put anything in your body, know the possible side effects, and take appropriate precautions.

(oh and I deleted your other thread that was the same just need one of the exact same thing or it gets confusing)  

27 Dec 2008 11:22
dbol has been known to bloat alot of people.that will hurt your speed.also if you are training for something involving running,dbol has given me some nasty calf pumps where walking fast was hurting.stick with test like jc said.whats your stats man?  

27 Dec 2008 19:38
fast gains = fast loses... and your just messing with your hormones that you dont need to at this age... a lot of diets on here to get you started... the only time you need to run dbol is to jumpstart a cycle when your doing a real one...

people run dbol for 4 weeks.. gain about 15 pounds of water, start PCT and they lose most of it and wondered what happned.  

26 May 2009 09:36
If you expect results, which I'm sure you do, you have to train heavy and drink a ton of water. The point of the Dball is to use the increased strength to push heavier weights. Pushing heavier weights will force you muscles to grow and that is basically how steriods work. If you do not lift heavy enough, you are risking your health for nothing.  

04 Jun 2009 02:29

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